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For Just One Day Let's Only Think About (Love) (From "Steven Universe")


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Let me cry for a second

Celeste Original Soundtrack - 04 - Awake


Elite: Dangerous - Frameshift & Starports: Frameshift Suite - First Movement - Andromeda

my night music for spacial exploration


Jambinai - In The Woods

It's very good music, with a very good "gybe like" introduction, and the rest is even better


Jesper Kyd - Big Boss (Harley Quinn) (Adventures of Batman and Robin OST, Sega Mega Drive)

Give it a listen. It's not batman music. It's better


Mother Russia Bleeds OST - Fixions - Black Racers


Pour continuer sur le lot de musique de synthwave, je vous présente mon "bass tester" (j'ai fait trembler des murs avec cette musique, en ayant le volume a moitié puissance)

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LudoWic - Full Confession


Ghostrunner have so much good feelings. I want a song at least as good as this one in the game.

So I never have played a Street of rage game of my life, and i've heard a theme made by Olivier Deriviere, someone more used to orchestral adaptative music (I think one of his latest work was A Plague Tale Innocence).

So ... hearing him composed electronic is quite strange, but the result is amazing. Almost makes me want to buy the game.

Street Of Rage 4 - Chow Time : youtu.be/3fsrTbLy_gs


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