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I'm Nonore, a wild cute lesbian fox. I love lots of things and listing them all would be ridiculous cause it also evolves every 2 months and so.

Just know that i'm a nerdy girl that likes to read webcomics, play some games, do a lot of forcing for various stuffs.

This account is locked just to block bots and weirds people, but if you wanna follow me and we don't know each other send a quick DM.

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:blobrainbow: ?

just realized i still have some light pinkish hair so i'll try to redo the color on my next shampoo

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Asking for help, please boost 

Hi friends,

I've got to the point where my debt is affecting my quality of life massively, I can no longer deal with the strain its putting on my health both mentally and physically.

I've set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who can help, which you can find here with more explanation:

You can also donate via




& I'll add as an offline donation.

Any help at all, and boosts,appreciated 💛

Do I

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mention de mort 

Le fils de dassault est mort youhou o/

Polygon might be one of the best easy reading news website.

@kouett @Anzeliane @eleos @Kiruan
-Tentative d'élever le niveau (& clin d'œil à une renarde)-

The Cult of Dionysus ✨ The Orion Experience

(sur le "pourquoi tu lances des noms comme ça nonore" on a juste regarde pour s'amuser le top 50 en France de 1996 a 2004)

(c'est pas que des belles années musicales)

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Hier j'ai appris qu'Avril Lavigne c'etait emo

Je comprends mieux pourquoi on me disait que je l'étais du coup

life hack: tired of exchanging things for money?? try stealing shit instead

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