Since moving, this little girl has really come into her own. It's so nice to see her out, owning more of the space.

It's quiet. Wind bringing a chill to the air. A tree in front of the apartment sways back and forth, making the street lights outside play across our blinds.

Moving here almost cost me a dear friendship. A fall on the final day made me feel a physical pain I'd never felt before. The urgent care visit would leave me sick - which passed to my wife and roommate. I still don't have my full hearing back in my left ear, my feet still bruised, and ankle s…

My wife's in control of our finances right now because I'm so terrible with money. I asked her this morning if I could get Starlink -- coming out tomorrow -- and she gave me the OK. :)

The Switch version already comes with the standard pilot and Fox McCloud from Star Fox, and Best Buy is running a promo where you can get a free "pilot pack" from 1 of 4 pilots.

I had to go with the butch lesbian.

Our roommate gave us his old N64 & games! Just needs a power adapter.

Unfortunately our TV doesn't accept composite, so I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. UltraHDMI? S-Video with a line doubler box? HMM.

The possibilities are exciting!

There's even a first party memory expansion pak installed.

I'm undervolting because I can't find my wall adapter but I'll never get tired of how cool this is!!!

Happy international taco 🌮 day, y'all. :) Having dinner... IN MY NEW LIVING ROOM!

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