I don't know what happened earlier, I'm just catching up, but I saw one mutual confused about what it means to block other instances.

Maybe this will help.

When instance 1 blocks instance 2, instance 2's public posts won't show up in the "Federated" feed on instance 1.

You can still "remote follow" folks from instance 2, and their posts will still show in your Home feed. You'll still get notifications. You can still reply.

And I mean, I rarely look at "Federated" anyway, if I'm honest.

@electrotamitha no this is muting. blocking has more repercussions.

@anna You're right, there are 2 options. I guess in Masto terms it's "silence" or "suspend".

I'm really only familiar with "silencing", but afaik that's what most people mean when they talk about "instance blocks".

@electrotamitha Thank you for explaining. 😌

Is that also the reason that now I can't automatically follow some people, and have to type in my full handle (x@y.z) to do a remote follow?

@electrotamitha same here. Life's too short. I got my friends who are all over, and I got some funny, often daft people on here which tends to beckon to nice people to come join. Who needs the swamp of constant waffle.

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