I found a userscript that "fixes" the Masto web client layout into something I like a whole lot more.

It's called "Mastodon Single Column (Simple)" by Kerynean


And I'm making small customizations like hiding filtered posts completely.

It's so beautiful. (Now I just have to figure out why it displays fine in 1080p, less so at 1366 x 768.)

@electrotamitha I got it working to my tastes at 1366×768 (minus a browser sidebar) as follows:

@media (min-width: 1024px) {
.tabs-bar {display: flex; width: 695px; margin-left: 350px; z-index: 1;}
.columns-area {width: 1000px; margin: -60px auto auto;}
.column {display: none;}
.column:last-child {display: flex; min-width: 710px; margin-top: 55px;}


@celti Hey thank you for sharing! I'll give this a try!

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