Since moving, this little girl has really come into her own. It's so nice to see her out, owning more of the space.

So elementary OS' "Camera" app doesn't see my webcam, but both Cheese and guvcview do.

Thank goodness for alternatives, I guess!

And after printing a test page via the cups web interface, when I go to the printer in "Printers", it shows the printer as Disabled. I assume because it's in sleep mode?

What even is this mess?

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2018, elementary OS 5.0 Juno and trying to get a bloody networked printer to work is still a pain in the ass.

elementary keeps trying to auto-find printers and after removing them manually, they pop back up. Even after installing Xerox' Linux drivers, I still couldn't print.

I had to edit CUPS to work without signing in so I could use the web config to manually add the printer, picking 1 of 3 entries it found for the same one, and search for a "ppd" compiled postscript driver before it worked.


I live in the ONE PART of Kentucky that went blue last night. The *one* part.

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wireless headphones? nope a very long cable works fine

I'm terribly sad there isn't a chunky notebook out there with a minidisc data drive and DOS 5.0 or some such

Is it possible to tie a VM to a hardware hdd partition?

Biggest disappointment of the day; ordering a root beer, pulling away, taking a sip and realizing they gave me cream soda.


It's quiet. Wind bringing a chill to the air. A tree in front of the apartment sways back and forth, making the street lights outside play across our blinds.

Moving here almost cost me a dear friendship. A fall on the final day made me feel a physical pain I'd never felt before. The urgent care visit would leave me sick - which passed to my wife and roommate. I still don't have my full hearing back in my left ear, my feet still bruised, and ankle s…

So at work our credentialing department decides they want to change their entire software platform, they see a demo, then buy the package and turn around and tell us, IT, to make it work.

It requires Windows Server, SQL Server, and oh, Adobe Coldfusion. Coldfusion Enterprise alone will be like $9000 and I'm just like... y'all never stopped to consider the cost of HOSTING this thing y'all bought, did you?

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