It hadn't occurred to me that using hashtags in posts on blogs that are federated would mean those posts automatically appear in the hashtag feed. Seems so obvious now. Still learning.

Now there's a new way to discover writers on @write_as at your own pace:

While the Read feed can be a great place for discovering writers, infrequent posters can get lost in the stream. So this list shows all active writers on the site.

@dajbelshaw Afraid I have no wider knowledge of games consoles to be able to comment on that. In fact, looking at dates it was probably a SNES

@dajbelshaw Same. I vividly remember playing Mortal Kombat on a friend's N64. I only had two games on the PC but both were amazing - Olympics and Crystal Maze

Remote work is here to stay. Writing screeds about how it "sucks" might be fun, but the more interesting conversation is about what do we do about it.

How might we use remote work to make ourselves, our communities and our society stronger?


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@adamprocter thanks for sharing. Think I may have managed to distract half the country's academic librarians with this today and convince myself it was essential work to help with the essay I'm currently writing

super short post about choice and noticing. (I've had a productive and motivation filled morning- and yes, I did eat a giant cookie for breakfast, I didn't make that one up in the post)

#blog #choice #yesican

@dajbelshaw I think gherkins go in the same category as marmite - love them or hate them, there's no middle ground

@dajbelshaw future microcast topic? Personally, the ultimate toasted sandwich has to have something hot or acidic to counter the richness of the cheese, eg gherkin or onion

@craigmaloney and thank you for reminding me I need to do the same. One of those tasks that keeps slipping for me

Looking for a lightweight laptop for my partner. Considering a Chromebook. Thoughts? I used to have trouble sleeping and love the variety in BBC world service programming that gets thrown up late at night on Radio 4 Just listened to TiDE episode 104... reckon that if you ever start a band it should be called Appropriately Rebellious I had some feedback on my newsletter that’s making me think about format too. I’m considering whether to change approach. Am planning to ask the readers next week. Will be interested what response you get too I like variety. I wouldn’t want all newsletters I subscribe to be just lists of links. For me I think most importantly is how it’s set out - plenty of white space and clear section breaks

I need to create more space in my life to listen to the On Being . It's good for the soul

Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

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