Looking for a lightweight laptop for my partner. Considering a Chromebook. Thoughts?

@dajbelshaw@social.coop Just listened to TiDE episode 104... reckon that if you ever start a band it should be called Appropriately Rebellious

I need to create more space in my life to listen to the On Being . It's good for the soul

Would you make someone else work as hard as you are working right now? Be kind to yourself.

I’m often home alone at the weekends and spend my days in the company of the . Enjoyed the start of this new series riffing off the dream dinner party bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b6tfdc/ Now it’s time for

Are you on twitter sometimes? Can you please go vote on this? Because someone challenged me and asked me to prove it and I'm like "Sigh, do your own research" and then, "oh wait, i work in tech, I'll just tweet": twitter.com/epilepticrabbit/st

Getting started again on a new instance given the flakiness of the old one. Determined to make a concerted effort to spend more time here


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more