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privacy stuff 

OK. Back to integrating the Zenodo API onto Open Context.

Another question for the set.

Shall I use EZID to mint ARK identifiers for all 1.5 million URIs managed by OC? will Pleiades plan on minting persistent IDs for all Pleiades entities or you happy with DOIs for data dumps, and not bother with persistent IDs for more granular data?

I'm just trying to judge what is a good use of my time, and what's broadly useful.

(cc @steko)

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taking another opportunity to say: god bless librarians (just got a very helpful response from one of nyu's reference librarians to my questions about historical precedents for various data visualization formats)

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Pure CSS Francine
“An ongoing series in which I create art using only CSS and HTML”

Portrait done in #CSS and #HTML
Works so far in Chrome/Chromium

#Art #WebDev

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Amazon threatens to suspend Signal's AWS account over censorship circumvention

Amazon and Google are both coming out opposed to people using their services for domain fronting, to circumvent censorship.

Note that Signal is actively blocked in Egypt, Oman, UAE, and Iran. So, that sucks.

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Lately it's become sort of a challenge to tweet less and less. I'll occasionally log in and see something like “Last tweet 6 days ago.”

And I think, I can go longer, let's see how long. It's a fun game that you too can play along with.

Academic frustration.

The SAA (Society for American Archaeology) has pretty good policies to support "green" (self-archive) . But it seems those policies conflict with the actual copyright transfer agreement with the Cambridge University Press, contracted to actually publish SAA journals.

So, confusion.

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if you haven't come across it, Ed Summer's 'Etudier' python tool for grabbing google scholar citation graph is a really nice little thing. . point it at a reference, get the grab that cites it/it cites. pass it a search, get the citation landscape around the term. do a bit of sna on the graph, & you can id works that bridge the clumps.

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"No split infinitives" is one of those weird holdovers from grammarians who believed Latin was some sort of god-language that every other language needed to mimic, even when it made no sense.

"Don't end a sentence in a preposition" is another rule that it's hard to deal with. Or to adhere to. Or to put up with.

I spent the morning giving grantees more specific data management advice and guidance.

I think it's useful to follow up and let researchers know that we care and pay attention.

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Opinion: Shut up about Michelle Wolf if you’ve been silent on Trump’s offenses

I made some updates to our bibliography of Open Context related publications. Some are behind paywalls, so we also self archive and link to green open access versions here:

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I've been collaborating with a visiting Masters student, Fanny Mezard from the @ecoledeschartes@twitter, on generating ePubs for a born-digital journal (ISAW Papers, which covers the Ancient World). You can see a very early version of her work at .

So sick of all things Trump.

How and when do we send that asshole and all his cronies to face the due process of law?

I'm really tired of being angry at all the blatant corruption all the time!

Ah. I was wondering how this dataset got non-Euclidean geometries in its geospatial data.

I was hopping I had found the location of the green stone city of R'lyeh on the great sunken continent of Mu. But, no such luck. Instead, it was a badly escaped CSV file that shifted columns over in random places.

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With $2 million, Kaiser Permanente wants to help revive underfunded gun-violence research
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