at . great keynotes, and an excellent experience. I'm a little fried from nearly a week of deep diving into tech stuff, but I appreciate the great chance to learn from some very supportive and talented folks.

I realize I should toot more. I really should.

@ekansa I hate typing on my tiny screen. "convicted"


Manafort and Cohen. Both now covicted felons in the same day.

Something to savor.


On twitter I would retweet with a comment with some ironic snark about:


But this platform inspires me to be a better person.


We need more stories about people who have had their kids abducted, and from the kids themselves. Pictures matter too.

@marshdrifter Yes. And march and demonstrate to make clear to at least some public officials (and people with guns) that human rights matter.

@kensanata BTW: Gotta run now. Offline world is calling me...


I'm all ears for improved approaches. I don't pretend to think I've figured it out. I need something that works for the long term.

@kensanata yes, but still don't back down.

That said, an effective strategy may not be direct confrontation. Obliquely getting a point across with finesse may work the best.


No. Punching family. Keep polite even if they scream insults at you. But don't back down.


The Slave Owners may be mayors, but at least there are fewer slaves.

I'm not advocating hate, but I am advocating confrontation.


Well yep. If "should we abduct children and cage them in for-profit concentration camps" becomes a wedge issue that disrupts family pleasantries, then any family gathering has reached a profound level of dysfunction.

I'd prefer to confront the problem head on. Otherwise what relation are you actually saving? That and kids will still end up in concentration camps.

(9 of n): Sorry to repeat my uncle's vile responses here.

But this whole exchange made something crystal clear to me. We're in a "pre-genocidal" moment.

My uncle has been sufficiently brainwashed to accept any horror or level of violence that right wing media demands that he accepts.

What can we do about this?

(8 of n): The whole exchange with my uncle ended with my response:

I will be happy to discuss abortion (again) elsewhere.

We must put a sharper point on this:

The federal government has sentenced children to an entire lifetime without their parents...

...for a misdemeanor they didn’t commit.

If you want to block me and break off all contact with me, I can't and won't stop you.

Sorry to bother you, but this whole thing is awful beyond words.


(7 of n): My uncle responded with:

"Please stop

What about all the aborted babies that you demonorats enthusiastically cheer to their death

Selective outrage over ILLEGALS

No outrage over babies RIPPED from a womb - give me a break

Please stop

I don't want to hear your pious ranting while demonorats support abortion

Im just going to delete any more from you until you denounce abortion"

(6 of n): I wrote back to my uncle:

Four year old children are being abducted from their families for the misdemeanor crime of being with parents who crossed the border without documentation?

And that justifies destroying these families forever? Many of these children will never be reunited with their families.

Why are you defending this?

(5 of n): My uncle responded with:

Would you like the definition of ILLEGAL?

"Stay in Mexico and there is no problem right?

Cross into USA and get separated.


Build a huge wall and no separation.

Cross into USA and mega-separation



your bama did catch and release - worthless idiot allowed MS 13 in.

Remember all the angle parents - they are permantly separate by ILLEGALS

No more of this leftist propaganda."

(4 of n) My email closed with:

Please don't be complicit in this. I don't want a life time of memories of you erased by "My uncle supported ethic cleansing and the abduction of children". You are better than this.


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