OK. Back to integrating the Zenodo API onto Open Context.

Another question for the set.

Shall I use EZID to mint ARK identifiers for all 1.5 million URIs managed by OC? will Pleiades plan on minting persistent IDs for all Pleiades entities or you happy with DOIs for data dumps, and not bother with persistent IDs for more granular data?

I'm just trying to judge what is a good use of my time, and what's broadly useful.

(cc @steko)

@ekansa what does a typical OC URI look like? I think "cool URIs" don't need an additional layer of persistence, unless 1) you've got a separate archival resource, perhaps for long term preservation 2) the additional PID is transparent, e.g. it has a different prefix than the HTTP base URL, but keeps the same suffix identifier.

Makes sense?


Here's a typical URI:

I also have an ARK id for it:

The JSON-LD representation ( says "owl:sameAs" for the ARK id.

I just want to maximize the probability that someone can look up the citation to an OC record over the years.


What do you all think? Will it help, harm, or "meh" to add ARK identifiers to all our URI identified data?

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