Kurdish referendum 

Not sure how I feel about the Kurdish referendum, what I fear most is that this would be (and most likely will be) an obstacle for the ideal of Democratic Confederalism, the one they fought so hard for in the north and the west. I wish it wasn't with an imperialist leader but if that's what the people want in the south, there's not much left to say, really.

Normally I'd prefer Chopin or Rachmaninoff, but there's just something about Argerich playing Schumann's "Scenes from a Childhood".. I can't help but listen to it at least 5 times a day nowadays. Even though they are rather simple compositions, they are so profoundly touching and I never had pieces in F or G Major leaving me with such a bittersweet feeling. I simply can't get enough of them.

Was walking with my sister and I saw a sign on the road and got excited that I could read some of the letters. Then I proceeded to name those letters as "emoji" instead of "kanji". Not sure if that was the lowlight or the highlight of my day.

Last year I watched one of my favorite players on the WTA (Naomi Osaka) play her first premier final in Tokyo from New York and today, I got to watch her beat the defending US Open champion in New York from Tokyo. Might sound lame but I really feel thankful for what life offers me.

Mentioning DPRK missile 

It is unbearably hot, I'm struggling w/ digestion problems and I just found out that North Korea launched a missile that passed right over this very country. Welcome to Japan.

Op 10 No 4, you have been very cruel to me tonight.

prevented exc 

People are thanking the governor of Missouri because he prevented the execution of an innocent black man. I mean... Are you serious? The bar has never been this low.

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Pronounce females the way you pronounce tamales.

critique of liberal twitter quotes 

Still a rookie here but the fact that I have yet to see phrases such as "trump's america" and "both sides" already makes me think this place is better.


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