What is this 500 words nonsense? About 5000 would allow most people to express their ideas without having to fragment them, while still preventing bombardment by neer-do-wells.

9. You're better than that.

9a. Dammit. OK. Let them in. But don't let them near the children.

8. Hey, we're all God's children.

8a. Tell it to the white evangelicals when a black woman with a kid is seeking welfare. See how far it gets you.

7. Republicans won't fuck them. Democrats will.

7a. Ha ha ha. Then, why are you so worked up you dignified this with a response (or finished reading it) when an eyeroll at the beginning would have sufficed?

As the rest of the country is destroyed by wildfires, floods and hurricanes, they see no problem in spending half the budget defending an increasingly impoverished nation of serfs (unless they are the ones experiencing the natural disaster). Like there's any chance anyone would actually attack this country any more. Anyone besides rapacious rightwing billionares.

6a. More like part of the "Give me all your wealth" crowd's sycophants and toadies. Seriously, these are the same people who always complain they should not have to pay taxes to help others, but insist others pay taxes for the obscenely overfunded military - e.g. the unnecessary bases and bloated defense contracts - enriching their neck of the woods.

6. Hey, they still deserve to be helped by society, because they are part of the Commonwealth.

5a. Weren't they the ones always talking about just desserts? Can we at least remind them of their tribalism? Racism? Sexism? Selfishness? Heartlessness? Hypocricy? Lack of honorable principles (pace Arthur Silber powerofnarrative.blogspot.com/)?

5. Hey, they still deserve to be helped by society when in need, same as those who voted for Democrats, even though they constantly voted to deny helping others in need (especially women and minorities) and boasted of their moral superiority all the while, but the moment they needed help they insisted society should give it to them and not make them depend on the kindness of charity, as they insisted others do. And ferchrissakes, do not talk about Socialism as you give them government aid.

4. Hey, they're just victims of their own (ignorance, stupidity, upbringing, fill in the blank).
4a. Upbringing? Isn't that a liberal excuse? Anyway, as Republican hero W.F. Buckley would say, how else do you expect them or the next gen to learn from their mistakes? Indeed, aren't Republicans the ones who love to talk about how terrible the lack of consequences for one's behavior is? Moral hazard? Kant's categorical imperative? The Prime Directive? Wait, forget the last two.

People who believe Republican lies at this point deserve to be fucked by Republicans for the rest of their lives.

1. Republicans don't lie. Democrats are the only liars.

1a. Ha ha ha. You deserve ...

2. Republicans lie as much as Democrats.

2a. Ha ha ha. You deserve ...

3. Hey, no need to get vengeful about it. It's not like they want to hurt other people not like themselves.

3a. Ha ha ha. You deserve ...


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