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If the telephone had been invented by Alexander Graham Horn or Alexander Graham Claxon would we ask somebody to telephone us by saying “give us a toot“ rather than “give us a ring”?

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Scott Manley has more details on Arecibo including the correlation (and so possibly causation relationship) with an earthquake.

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One of the (many) messed-up things in “modern” operating systems (Unix, Windows - that's all there is apart from a few niche systems) is the artificial and unnecessary distinction between directly accessible process memory and persistent storage. Hence threads like:

Counter-example: the PARC Smalltalk systems.

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Slowly getting through _ Get Programming in _. But, the part on dealing with ByteString, Char8 and ASCII is terribly muddled then in the “Working with book data” chapter there's:

mconcat["<strong>", (title book), "</strong>"]

There might be young impressionable programmers reading so it really should come with at least a warning that that sort of thing just is not OK in proper code.

Better, sample code to escape & and <.

Best, how to use the type system to make sure that's done.

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Just deleted an otherwise moderately interesting, if somewhat rambling, Peertube feed because the speaker kept saying “you know” all the time. No, I don't know, that's why I'm watching this!

Just finished the second season of the BBC World Service podcast 13 Minutes to the Moon. Season 1 is about the 13 minutes of the descent of Apollo 11 (1202 alarm, etc). Season 2 is about the Apollo 13 accident.

Only learned a few technical details, but then I've read up on Apollo somewhat more than most, but it was very interesting to hear about it all directly from those involved.

Saving copies of youtube-dl source is a good idea. However, the big strength of youtube-dl is the development team behind it who track changes to YouTube's operation admirably promptly (and also track lots of non-YouTube sites; despite its name youtube-dl is at least as useful for them). Saving copies won't help much if that development and distribution is disrupted.

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Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

The usual UK suggestion is to keep summer time (BST) all year round. I used to think that was nutty; here we are, for historical reasons, sitting on the global zero point for timezones so it'd be very odd not to use it.

Now, though, I agree as from a software-development point of view things timezone fuckups are likely to be caught a lot quicker if local time is always different from UTC.

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Scrap DST, of course.

In the UK the argument that comes back is always ”but the farmers in the north of Scotland…”. Talked to one yesterday about it, he wants rid of it as much as anybody and doesn't know any other farmers here [¹] who don't too.

[¹] 41 km from Dunnet Head, the most northerly point on the British mainland.

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A spaceship landed in the park. An alien emerged, carrying a foldable chair. They set the chair up on the grass, and settled down.
"Ah, hello," a dog-walker said. "Shall I take you to our leader?"
"Why would I want that?" the alien said. "I came here to get away from mine.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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@simon regarding youtube: export your subscriptions to an .opml file, then import that into your favourite RSS reader. Use mpv + youtube-dl to watch the videos. This will get rid of the ads, works better, and doesn't expose you to their algorithm


So, we get (a) vaccine(s) some time, hopefully reasonably early, in 2021. Then what?

Ideally most who don't have a medical reason not to will take it but more likely a significant minority will refuse. What pressure do you bring to bear on those who won't? It's optional but you can't go in publicly accessible buildings (e.g., shops) or on public transport without? Will we need to carry around vaccination cards or something?

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Just found a bug in some of my Python code because "message == True" is True when message == 1.0.

I never ever ever want that to be the case. It's amongst the reasons I'm looking into now.

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i sure do love vague lecturing posts about something that happened that i don't know what it is. they're great.

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