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Hey admins of smaller servers, i have to tell you something!
In the first days of social.tchncs.de i explored some gnusocial and mastodon servers for interesting and active users and followed them from here. So the these where about 20people from random but maybe 8 different instances and about 100 from boosts. Everything else happened by itself. I stopped with this weeks before the twitter update and never needed a bot. My server knows 601 servers atm and my federated timeline is hyperactive.

@milan Thanks for sharing! So you as the admin choose who to federate with right? So there's some control over the federated and local timelines?

Thanks for sharing!

@jamesfirth AIUI, no. Unless an instance is blocked it's federated with as soon as any user of the local instance follows somebody on it. James was just seeding the process so his local uses could see interesting people to start with. @milan

@jamesfirth Oops, I meant @milan was seeding the process. :hushed:

@milan @edavies Ahhh, got it!

Just for my understanding: So @milan would have to go to another instance and look for users to follow and then that would begin the snowballing.

Otherwise the federated timeline for that instance would be empty or nearly empty.


Ed Davies @edavies

@jamesfirth Yes, that's my understanding: the federated timeline would just be the local timeline which would be very quiet for a new instance. @milan

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