UI Pet Peeve: Don't use flags of countries for language selection.

It doesn't work for English (Union Jack? Star-Spangled Banner?), forces Austrians to click on the flag of a neighbor country, and lets large parts of Africa only choose the flag of a former colonizer.

@johl good points. Never thought about the colonizer's language aspect, thank you for pointing this out!

That said, it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to reference a classic:

Choose language:
🔲 🇬🇧 English (traditional)
🔲 🇺🇸 English (simplified)

(I apologize)

@rysiek @johl English is the most-spoken language in Ireland, but the English flag is that of a genocidal former colonist.
Relations have obviously improved considerably, though having websites ask Irish users to pick the "Union Jack" is very insensitive.


@seachaint The *English* flag is the St George's cross [¹], the Union Jack is the flag of the UK. It's usually the English who need to be reminded of this distinction.

[¹] Now relegated to uses parallel to those of the Confederate battle flag.

@rysiek @johl

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@edavies @rysiek @johl Yes indeed, thanks for the reminder. That kind of adds to the silliness with flag-language bijections, because if the Union Jack is supposed to be a language, who's to say that language should be English and not Cymraeg, Gàidhlig, Kernewek, or even Scots?

Or, lol, Gaeilge..

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