#Lagrange v1.1 has been released:


What's new?
- Import existing X.509 client certificates via the UI.
- Setting for maximum cache size.
- Option to show full URL when hovering over a link.
- Support for Finger links.
- More keybindings: e.g., opening and closing tabs.
- Visual UI improvements.
- Fix for history timestamps that were shifting on every launch.

Read all about v1.1 here: gemini://skyjake.fi/gemlog/2021-01_lagrange-1.1.gmi



@jk Nice. Compiles and works fine on my Ubuntu laptop.

Just for laughs, tried same on my Mobian PineTab - builds fine, starts, displays your gemlog page above but none of the touch stuff works which is a pity as it'd be a nice platform for reading gemtext. No idea if it's a fundamental architectural issue or a minor tweak to fix that.

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@edavies Depends on whether SDL is sending touch events on the device. Currently Lagrange doesn't handle any touch events, just mouse & keyboard, but touch events could be handled pretty easily, too.

@jk That sounds reasonable. I'd hoped they'd all be “pointing thingy” events by the time they got to your software but it's not too surprising they're not. Pity though.

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