SpaceX's SN8 “bellyflop” landing almost worked.

It arrived on the landing pad vertically and going reasonably slowly but not slowly enough - kaboom. Looked like they lost an engine on the way up (or maybe they intended to shut one down?) then another just a few seconds before landing.

From the colour of the exhaust just before landing it looked like it was desperately trying to relight an engine as it hit.

SN9's nearly ready.

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SpaceX's SN8 “bellyflop” was more successful than almost everybody, including SpaceX, expected and was a major step forward in the development for the Starship. But the Guardian can only dwell on the kaboom:

This is an example of why I have very mixed feelings about that newspaper [¹] and why it's been a while since I sent any money their way.

[¹] The best I can say is that it's generally less crap than most of the others.

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