It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

@yarmo Is this an appropriate venue for a bug report?

Visiting gets my key via WKD fine (though I'm a bit puzzled where it gets the picture from, my current key doesn't have a picture AFAIK).

But following the verify link goes to with an underscore instead of the first dot in the domain both in the URL and in the filled-in email address so the verify fails with “invalid e-mail address”. Change to a dot and it verifies a .asc signature fine.

@edavies @yarmo
> I'm a bit puzzled where it gets the picture from

It would be better imho to show picture from key. Or at least to support ravatar...

btw, I think the WKD tool at gives wrong values...

great work 😎 👍

@fabrixxm @edavies

- picture from key: best solution indeed! In the works 😉
- ravatar: don't know yet! Tried libravatar but got mixed results. Really wouldn't mind leaving gravatar…
- the WKD gives wrong values: do you have a specific example? I know it gives the right results for my name

@yarmo @edavies
nevermind.. I was writting *my* username wrong 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@edavies @fabrixxm

so weird, this is what I get with your link 🤔

What is your browser?

@yarmo That's what I get too. But what does the “verify signature” link point to? For me it points to (with the underscore). Similar with the encrypt message link.

Firefox 78.0.1 on an Ubuntu 20.04 desktop.

Unfortunately Chromium seems to be borked on this machine so I can't try with that.


@yarmo Tried it in Chromium on another machine - same underscore thing happens.

@edavies I found it, completely an error on my part! Code I once used during debugging had remained :ac_facepalm:

If you reload the profile page, it should fix the links


@yarmo Yes, works fine after ctrl-shift-R. Glad we got that sorted.

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