Spoiler alert: yea, it is, but every instance of this is the fault of large tech companies.

Yes, installing Linux is a pain - as much of a pain as installing Windows. But users don't usually do that, because Microsoft makes deals with everyone under the sun.

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Yes, some hardware (especially graphics hardware) is poorly supported under Linux, not because the kernel is technically incapable of supporting it but because Nvidia are a bunch of dickheads.

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Yes, a lot of games don't run on Linux, but we see right at this moment that all it took to change that was a concerted effort by one medium-sized tech monopoly.

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Adobe could port the whole CC suite to Linux if they wanted to. They could rewrite the audio plumbing at the same time and sell Adobe Studio OS with all their shit preinstalled and, for the people who run Adobe products, it would probably be awesome!

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@tindall Once upon a time rumour had it that Microsoft agreed to keep out of the CAD market if Autodesk dropped support for AutoCAD on Un*x systems (where it originated). Dunno if that's true (of course, very few people would know even if it was) but an ex-Autodesk salesman did acknowledge to me that it wasn't inconsistent with anything he knew.

So, just possibly MS said to Adobe “stay Microsoft-mostly and we won't compete with you”. Very quietly. Maybe.

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