I just tested Web Key Directory support on https://beta.protonmail.com/ and it works very well! You just type contact’s e-mail and with no further questions you get a green padlock if the key is reachable via WKD.

I wonder if they would refresh the key via WKD if it expires (just like GnuPG does). Well… we’ll see…


@wiktor That's interesting, could you send me a message with it to check my website's implementation? TIA.


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Just sent you a message from my throwaway account. Seems to work! :)

@wiktor It did indeed, thanks.

Couldn't reply (at least not encrypted) as your key (DFBA514…) wasn't attached or available from a public key server. I assume it's a throwaway key anyway.

Yep, it indeed is as throwaway as it could be but as far as I remember ProtonMail also provides keys via WKD so you could try to fetch “my” key via my throwaway e-mail address…

@wiktor Ah, yes, that worked.

It was your signing key that my client (Thunderbird/Enigmail) couldn't find.

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