The Herald newspaper have published results of a survey of their readers, and it must be choking them. 😃

Some highlights:

If there was a second Scottish independence referendum
Yes 66%
No 34%

Westminster voting intentions
SNP 58%
Conservative 15%
LibDem 13%
Labour 7%

If there was a second EU referendum
Remain 85%
Leave 14%

Note: undecideds removed & rounded to whole numbers.
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@fitheach Buy land near Rosyth.

Being somebody who doesn't buy newspapers, which way does the Herald lean anyway, pro or anti? I.e., how much selection bias is there here?

I perceive the Herald to be anti-independence and anti-SNP. They seem to oscillate between pro-Conservative and pro Labour/LibDem depending on who they want to promote that week.

Is the "buy land near Rosyth" a subliminal advertising message?


@fitheach Wikipedia says the Herald backed No but said: "The Herald's view: we back staying within UK, but only if there's more far-reaching further devolution." So a move towards Yes wouldn't be terribly inconsistent, but good to know they're not already highly Yes anyway.

Re Rosyth: just thinking an independent Scotland joining or in the EU would presumably expand its ferry links to the continent pretty quickly.

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The "more devolution" thing is a statement to make them seem reasonable, and just like Gordon Brown's promises they never come to anything. Their news reporting and articles are stridently anti-Yes. Though the Herald probably isn't as bad as The Scotsman.

There are some current Rosyth ferry plans:

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