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My number 1 reason for unfollowing people: long chains of toots on the same subject. If it takes more than 3 toots (at most) put it in a blog post.

It's a pity there isn't a “privacy” setting between unlisted and followers-only where anybody can see the post but it doesn't show even on followers timelines which could be used for the tails of such chains.

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This sentence from @Seirdy echoes my own thinking on FLoC from a server perspective.

> We shouldn’t expect webmasters to add a tag or header every time Google advances the war against its own users.

From a user perspective, OTOH, the sky is falling and it's time to switch browsers.
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Marketing: “Hi! We need legal advice on the best way we can tweak our website to show we too are in mourning.”

Legal team: “Sure! It’s a grey area…”

Marketing team: “Good idea - we’re on it!”

Legal team: 🤦🏻‍♂️

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It seems a bit unfair that the lawn just about needs its first cut of the year while there are still flecks of snow on it.

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QT NetworkString: Everything you need to know about the UK's Cyber Security Council;

SpaceX Starship SN11: looks like it blew up on engine ignition for the landing flip manoeuvrer. Foggy on site so no proper views but bits of debris falling around amateur cameras in the area.

Was just going to push a change to my central heating control code when I remembered tonight the UK (and a lot of the rest of Europe) springs forward. Most of my household logging system works purely in UTC but the CH control dabbles in local time as well (and has evolved significantly since we last fell back). Hmmm, maybe leave the push till tomorrow; one change at a time thanks.

Lot of sensible stuff here and I understand his frustration:

I would point to other weaknesses around that community, though.

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Yes, the following command was actually useful:

apt-file search apt-file

Noticed a bruise on my arm this morning from my first Covid jab 11 days ago. I could have missed it for a few days but can't imagine it's been there all the time. Odd.

A pithy summation of modern software by @liw :

“I know there’s existing tools for this, but I found it easier to write a little helper than to learn a whole ecosystem around the ones I found.”


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@s4f_le @LittleAlex @wuffel @seachaint If you can get hold of a copy of the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society for January 1901 there's a paper by Nils Ekholm which gets the whole thing of CO₂ warming, a decent explanation of how it works (raising the level in the atmosphere where radiation to space happens), water vapour feedback, and the log effect (constant temperature increase for each doubling of CO₂).

Of course, it gets a lot wrong, too…

Been happily signing, decrypting and , occasionally, encrypting email in Thunderbird using the Enigmail plugin for years. This morning's routine upgrade has broken that - looks like it now has built-in encryption (good) which doesn't seem to just use ~/.gnupg keys as one would expect (extremely boneheaded). Not impressed at all.

@tinyrabbit “The BTC network consumes more energy annually than a number of first-world countries (Argentina and the Netherlands are the ones I remember right now).”

More *electricity* than those countries. BBC article you link says BTC: 121 TWh/a. WP [¹] says NL: 119 TWh/a of electricity.

This confusion between electricity and energy is far too common. Typically energy consumption is around 5 to 10 times electricity.


Another attempt to fit a formula for the heating requirements of my house to the outside temperature and wind:

On Tory notions of “political” history: “This is explicitly because pointing out that some of the big houses in the UK got built by families who made their money from the slave trade is apparently an impetus “driven by ideology”, while simply never mentioning that these people got rich from the slave trade is totally politically neutral. ”

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