In case you don't know, Fort Augustus is at the south end of Loch Ness.

And the birdsite discussion is about whether it's an ostrich or an emu. Well, it would be, wouldn't it?

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Gutted I missed seeing this...

What appears to be a white emu stopped traffic on the A82 trunk road just south of Fort Augustus.

Apparently, white emus are pretty rare, and I can assure you emus of any kind are even more rare in the Highlands of Scotland.

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work in progress art thingy that discusses e.g. suicide and depression Show more

Somewhat better space news for the evening: SpaceX's first operational Falcon Heavy flight is successful, with all three boosters landing, the two side ones back at the Cape and the centre core on the drone ship.

Just made a small donation towards the Scottish Green party's campaign to elect an MEP assuming the UK holds EU parliamentary elections this year, as looks likely.

It's possible; last time [ยน] UKIP got a candidate elected with 140k votes, the Greens were next with 108k votes and so next but below the cut-off. Since then there's been a swing generally in the UK away from UKIP and towards remain.

Whatever, an increased vote for the Greens would be a good message.


Looks like Israel's Beresheet spacecraft failed to land on the Moon.

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@KitRedgrave Yep, the computer industry went off the rails when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs visited Xerox PARC and saw the Smalltalk environment, Ethernet and WIMP interfaces and thought the WIMP interfaces were the only important bit.

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Remember folks, April 1st lasts 50 hours. Show more

9 Youtube channels now added to my Liferea. Very neat. Thanks @switchingsocial

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Did you know you can bypass YouTube's broken subscription system by using RSS instead? Find out how in this thread:

If you're unfamiliar with RSS, you can see a beginner's guide here:

#YouTube #RSS #ReallySimpleSyndication

@kensanata Your feed at is borked.

1) Liferea rejects it but, unfortunately, doesn't give a message to say why. Usually it's because of not-well-formed XML but in this case the basic XML seems OK; Python minidom parses it happily enough.

2) Viewing source, it seems to include RPG posts.

Tried to play a video on my netbook in the kitchen. VLC seemed to run OK but no video showed and the audio was very quiet - could only just hear there was sound. Took a little longer to work out what was happening than it should. Show more

@switchingsocial Any comments on Zulip?

Looked on your site under alternatives to Slack but didn't see it.

Content-Type: text/plain; name=registrationLetter.pdf
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

No wonder the nurse said โ€œif you have any problems come in and we'll give you a printed copyโ€. Cretins.

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Mercurial is usually a lot simpler and less surprising than git (which is well named IMHO) but TIL that hg log for a file by default omits revisions which delete the file; you have to say --removed to get those revisions, too. Umm, I'd think those are quite significant revisions of the file.

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