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My number 1 reason for unfollowing people: long chains of toots on the same subject. If it takes more than 3 toots (at most) put it in a blog post.

It's a pity there isn't a “privacy” setting between unlisted and followers-only where anybody can see the post but it doesn't show even on followers timelines which could be used for the tails of such chains.

XKCD 2319: …or somebody who was brought up using log tables.



“Slavery is rare among hunter-gatherer populations because it requires economic surpluses and a high population density to be viable.”

Isn't that back to front, don't you need slaves, surfs or technology for economic surpluses or a high population density to be viable?

Just pre-ordered a PineTab + keyboard from @PINE64 . Their site is very slow (but working well enough) this evening - I suspect this is going to popular.

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"I'm still not sure why the people of ancient Rome who invented vi decided to name their text editor after the number 6?"

This article is hilarious! smallstep.com/blog/the-poetics

What should wind speeds be measured in?

It's 31 years since I got my first viral email.

It was from Sun Microsystems employees describing the upbeat atmosphere in Tiananmen Square the evening before. By the time we got it the atmosphere had changed a bit.

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What is this inner-national space station of which they speak, and is there an outer one, too?

@MicroSFF “I don't think *I* feel any inclination…”?

Knowing how careful you are about typos.

Glanced up from doing the washing up just now to see I was being watched.

Why's it so hard to find links to the W3C's semantic web articles? 😮

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Security is hard. Decentralization is hard. Usability is hard.

Being first to market is *easier* if you drop some, or most, of these.

So, shitty startups get to market first, and then crowd out the decent-but-necessarily-slower projects.

Every time you recommend a tool that follows this pattern of abuse, you are enabling it. You, personally, become a part of the problem. You, personally, help a shitty startup crowd out a decent project.


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Guardian article on black people's Covid19 mortality with not a single mention of vitamin D deficiencies which seems to me like a plausible explanation worthy of investigation. Certainly, I'd like to see it eliminated before people jump to other conclusions.


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