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boost if you still use print statements as debug

My caps lock is set to switch to Greek. Handy for λ in my personal Lisp-like language and also for various maths things sometimes. There must be other good uses.

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use ISO 8601 or fuck off

thank you

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Update Git software now (and svn and mercurial) - Update Git software now (and svn and mercurial) - marc.info/?l=git&m=15023880232

Given up at the birdsite. The recently ramped up behaviour of treating (many/all?) likes as retweets has pushed the signal to noise ratio below the threshold of acceptability.

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A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of #Programming Languages


“1801 - Joseph Marie Jacquard uses punch cards to instruct a loom to weave "hello, world" into a tapestry. Redditers of the time are not impressed due to the lack of tail call recursion, concurrency, or proper capitalization.”

“1983 - Bjarne Stroustrup bolts everything he's ever heard of onto C to create C++.”

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@kensanata There's a certain satisfaction in manual backup. You know it's done and you know there's an air gap between your machine & the backup.

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"I propose to remove this blocking feature which is not in keeping with the spirit of Mastodon"

It's the story if one fucking idiot that comes on github to decide what "the spirit of Mastodon" is.

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Dear folk: our gracious administrator @CobaltVelvet isn't getting the support she deserves for the work she does keeping our beloved instance up and running.

There's a Patreon right here: patreon.com/CobaltVelvet

Chip in a measly $1 a month and make yourself into a better, more attractive person, whydoncha.

A few recent blog posts on house progress and so on, starting with edavies.me.uk/2017/05/temp-lof

Haven't seen any rabbits around here for a while; said to have been a disease getting them all (not mixy, didn't catch what). Just seen this tiny fellow on the lawn (sparrow for scale). Will leave in peace for now rather than cut the lawn as planned.


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I've often used the expression “wombat's dos” in circumstances where saying something's “shit” might not be considered entirely appropriate.

TIL that wombat's dos are cubic.

A lot of the worries about “security” on Mastodon disappear if people run their own instances. I think that this should be the goal for the long run.

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Folks, if you require direct secure communications with someone on Mastodon, take it off Mastodon and use a secure E2E messenger.

Wire if you only want to provide a username to the other party.

Signal if you are comfortable with sharing your phone number with the other party.

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Oh yes and "private" has been renamed to more fitting "followers-only".

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If you follow thousands of people I'll assume you're just advertising and not really reading their toots. I will block you if you follow me.

Public toots from multiple people I follow [¹] are not showing up on my timeline. Don't understand why.

[¹] Including @Support @gargon@mastodon.social @HerraBRE