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Funny thing.

I remember "inventing Uber" over dinner with my dad, when pondering the intersection of Google maps, Android phones, and lame public transport.

A few years, Uber was all over the news. This was not the first time I've had that kind of experience.

Moral of the story: I'm so smart!

No wait. That's not it. The real moral of the story: ideas are not special. Thoughtful experts in any particular field will tend to invent similar things.

Execution, and luck, make all the difference.

Maybe it's time to re-examine whether Multics was really “too complicated”.

Only ever read a book about it and that was decades ago but my recollection is that it split code up much more than the Unix/Windows process model reducing the pressure towards a small number of cores and super-scalar processing.

Maybe people will wonder what a mastodon is and find their way here: treelobsters.com/2018/01/779-f

Falcon Heavy and Roadsters: at least two respondents in this futurism.com/experts-elon-musk seem to think the aim is to put the Roadster in orbit around Mars. I don't think it's going close to Mars, just a heliocentric orbit out to near Mars' orbit.

Still, none of them mention the only legal issue I can think would matter: planetary protection - the obligation not to contaminate Mars with all the bugs on the car's tyres, etc.

At the moment I use a combination of dd if=/dev/sda … for occasional mass backups, my own Python scripts to tar and gpg key directories and rsync to backup some large, essentially append only, directories like photos. Tar/gpg to a USB stick on my keyring, those and the rest to one of a pair of external 2TB USB drives, one of which is offsite at any time.

Speculating wildly but I wonder if SpaceX is going to do something amusing with the second stage booster from tonight's (UTC, this afternoon in California) launch.


“Making a right turn is pretty straight forward.”

How refreshingly non-Euclidean.

It seems to me that nasa.gov has been messed up for hours. DNS failure or something. `dig nasa.gov` works and redirects to www.nasa.gov but that name doesn't resolve. Ditto jpl.nasa.gov. Odd.

OK, so why can't we have a programming language/system which does type inferences like so?:

>>> type(math.e ** (math.π * math.i))
<class 'int'>

Minor press ballcocks no 1276581: theguardian.com/world/2017/nov ATC at Wycombe Air Park being closed would be completely irrelevant; they wouldn't be being controlled out at Waddesdon anyway. Source: I've done literally thousands of flights from WAP in gliders and aeroplanes (and one helicopter flight).

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Can we make this (or another post)
get +500 boosts, proofing that the argument to stay away from the #fediverse because one can here only reach out to a few is completly wrong?

Wondering how high the reach of this post is?

Well, we don't know. We don't track the users.

You only can see the boosts/fav/reply.
If that's a lot, it reached a lot.

If that made one rethink their opinion here you go:

(there is also
#gnusocial #plemora #postactiv #friendica #hubzilla..

Oops, if it's actually on the loopback interface it won't accept connections from other interfaces which is less of a surprise.

(Got muddled up between Python code which wasn't working as expected and version written in C to make sure I understood the underlying interface.)

TIL: A Linux IPv6 socket will accept IPv4 connections (unless the IPV6_V6ONLY socket option is set). That's nice.

Such a socket bound to the loopback address ( or ::1) will accept connections received on other interfaces. That's a bit more of a surprise.