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Why is there so little awareness in IT/infosec circles of the environmental impact of flying?

All the time you can read tweets/toots like "Attended conference X, spoke about Y. Tried to save the world from EvilCorp. So exhausted. Now waiting at the airport for my long distance flight to Z".

Shouldn't we have a more holistic view of things? Isn't decentralization one of our main motives? An uninhabitable planet full of Free Software is still... uninhabitable 🤔

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Mercurial is usually a lot simpler and less surprising than git (which is well named IMHO) but TIL that hg log for a file by default omits revisions which delete the file; you have to say --removed to get those revisions, too. Umm, I'd think those are quite significant revisions of the file.

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@spacekookie What's happened to the certificates on your website?

Just realised that by this time next year we'll all be fed up with “hindsight” jokes/puns.

Both gio mount and findmnt are new to me, thanks.

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Added "A Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire" (1906), you can watch it here:


This is a completely silent high quality film taken from a cable car as it passed down Market Street shortly before the 1906 earthquake and fire that destroyed 80% of San Francisco.

Most of what you see in the film was destroyed just a few days later.

#MarketStreet #SanFrancisco #1906Earthquake #1906Fire #CableCar #Documentary #History #ShortFilms #1900s

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Enjoying _Programming Rust_ by Jim Blandy and Jason Orendorff. It fits my brain much better that than _The Rust Programming Language_.

Also, it has bits like: “Empty statements do nothing except convey a slight feeling of melancholy.”

TIL bash tab completion can expand wildcards in the text you've just typed. The wildcards have to match the whole filename.

Weirdly, and unlike with normal tab completion, if there are multiple matches it just picks one.

Getting really fed up with the commissars at cutting away the video coverage when anything goes wrong. We'll all know soon enough so why do they just make themselves look stupid?

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Here’s a free #English #ProTip.

If you’re wondering if you should say “you and I” or “you and me”, delete the “you and” and see if you sound like Cookie Monster. Switch if you do.

“You and me should go” yields “me should go”. Use “I” here instead.

“That’s good for you and I” yields “That’s good for I”. Use “me” here instead.

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@cwebber Absolutely. Understanding this is a big part of why the aviation industry has made such progress in safety since, say, the 1950s. “Pilot error”. “OK, but why did the pilot make that error?” …

It's something the software industry really needs to learn.

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Most people blame people for mistakes, and it can feel satisfying to blame people. But when a problem is systemic, it might be better to blame the infrastructure. If we can change infrastructure, we can sometimes make a much bigger impact on preventing problems in the future.

This comment is based on the npm security vulnerabilities and technical architecture, but it does generalize. Change the game and you'll get better players.

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