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My number 1 reason for unfollowing people: long chains of toots on the same subject. If it takes more than 3 toots (at most) put it in a blog post.

It's a pity there isn't a “privacy” setting between unlisted and followers-only where anybody can see the post but it doesn't show even on followers timelines which could be used for the tails of such chains.

Please can programming language designers get together and decide, once and for all, is it nil, null or none?

Switching this morning between Python (which I'm very familiar with and know perfectly well it's None) and Go (which I've used a bit but in a rather on-and-off way) and had to go look to remind myself whether it's nil or null (it's nil).

That's a first: had a LiFePO₄ cell get a little bit warm while charging it.

Admittedly, it was one which had been abandoned in my shipping container for a few years and its open circuit terminal voltage had got down to just a tad over 0.9 volts so it's not too surprising. The attempt to charge it was a bit on an experiment really, I didn't expect it to recover.

How to miss out on videoing seals playing or hunting in the river in town: put a 128GB SD card in the camera partitioned as a 256MB boot and the rest as rootfs, then tell the camera to reformat the card for its own use. “Of course” it just formats and uses the first 256MB partition so after a few photos it can only do a few seconds of video before filling “the card”. Silly me.

Must have been like that for a couple of months but up till today I've only taken a few photos on any one day so didn't notice.

Lesson learned, though I'm not quite sure which lesson. Maybe zero the first few MB before presenting the card to the camera? That's what I'll do now, anyway.

Making a note of the dates of the Artemis 1 launch windows. Think briefly, should I include the year? Yes, probably better to.

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Googling for nasa dart has a nice easter egg!


Anybody else reading “real-time” Dracula?

Today's entries [¹] contain “…discovered late in the morning under a furze bush at the Shooter's Hill side of Hampstead Heath…”. That's a bit odd as Shooters Hill (without the apostrophe as currently spelled) is south of the River near Greenwich. There might have been another Shooter's Hill, of course, but it's not evident on OpenStreetMap.


Wow, that refactor didn't break any tests … wait, what if I remember to save the file first?

“Disinterested”: not standing to gain or lose from something (typically financially).

“Uninterested”: not being curious or otherwise mentally engaged with something.

Ideally, you want a judge to be disinterested but not uninterested in a case.

Or, we could just give up on words having meanings and go back to having a vocabulary of a few distinct grunts.

UK motoring question: I know it's recorded on a database somewhere if a car has ever been an insurance write off in its life but anybody happen to know if that information would show up on the MoT certificate or MoT failure paperwork?

Background is that I'm interested in buying a pretty-cheap used car from a garage. The salesman has told me it's been a write off at some point but it'd be interesting to know when he knew.

@withaveeay I'm mildly distressed by your spelling of the units of cloudbase height in the @AssyntWeather Clachtoll weather summaries.

Supposedly, when a monarch dies their successor becomes monarch “instantly”; any subsequent coronation is purely to confirm and acknowledge the fact.

Is this limited by the speed of light? In which relativistic frame of reference does this instantaneous transfer of power take place? If monarchy was in some way detectable would it provide a means of faster-than-light communication?

Apparently, OpenStreetMap is an alternative front end to Google Maps. Who knew? 🙄​

I wonder when the last coredump of actual core memory was made.

Lots of countries are fucked. Well, most of them, to be honest. But not did-the-president-throw-the-sick-oil-executive-off-the-hospital-balcony with the candlestick fucked:

Experimenting with biphasic sleeping. So helpful to have the central heating under software control:

$ ch set off till 01:45 then 19.5 for 1:00 then off till 07:30 then 19.5 for 2:00 then off

“Mounting predictions of a national meltdown only highlight a story that ought to be very familiar by now: the deep and enduring problem of British underinvestment, and a national mindset innately averse to thinking about the future. From time to time, some or other grand project – London’s new Elizabeth line is a good example – suggests that the right people can just about get their act together. But for the most part, we have an economic model that excels at ephemeral stuff, but fails when it comes to the things that everyday life – let alone a healthy, future-proofed economy – actually depend on.”

Yep, pretty much. I think I'd have mentioned the underinvestment in house insulation in passing but otherwise would have written that article if I was sufficiently eloquent and had suitable references to hand.

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“And if modern-day copyright law, bought and paid for by Disney, had been in force at the time Alice in Wonderland was made, they would have released their film 17 years before Carroll’s novel entered the public domain.”

Tiny lizard-like creature 

Found this tiny creature sunbathing on a scrap bit of batten by my house this afternoon. Dunno, I'm guessing it's a newt of some sort but I have no idea. That batten's only 50 mm wide.

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