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Hi, I'm Tiffany. To expand on my profile... I live in the UK but am originally from sunny California. My work revolves around and . I love and . In my free time, I'm and enjoy . I like and , and . I'm into , , and , and am sometimes a bit , but not without CW (and probably not here). I also love fluffy things.

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ok it is time to :mew: :blobcat:

mew! mew mew! mew! meeeew.

Tusky can see toots from the very near future

We should all opt out of search engine indexing @GraceSatoSF . In preferences there is a check box for "Opt-out of search engine indexing" check it to prevent Google from picking up your posts.

@GraceSatoSF lists are a great way to categorize communications here. You can put different people that you communicate with in different lists to make it easier to find them. For instance you could have a list of providers, favorite hobbyists, people from some location, anything you want. It really speeds up things by working with lists.

Hahaha ... haha ... ha :(

(can't find the source -.-')

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First actual bit of summer in ages... So glad to not have to layer up!

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1. sleeps
2. mew!!!
3. play
4. eat bytes???
5. more sleeps
am very busy kitten today :3

switter.at, the instance for sex workers and clients created in response to #SESTA / #FOSTA getting all the safe sex worker sites taken down, just hit 50,000 members and 400,000 posts. :) #switter

If you're sad today, please enjoy looking at these Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits, from the Oregon Zoo's conservation program.

#animals #rabbit #cute #oregonzoo