Today we went for a walk along the Bisse du Tsittoret. Another water canal to bring water from a steep valley with no agriculture to a neighboring valley where it is needed. Small gates regulate the water flow. Every owner along the way has well defined sluice gate opening hours.

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protestors have headed to Frankfort to petition for the arrest of the Officers who murdered Breonna Taylor.

Kenny Walker (Basketball state celebrity), and Common are in the crowd.

In lighter news,


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I have decided that if thirteen is a baker's dozen, eleven is a banker's dozen

Babbitt Peak Sierra located at 39.601002,-120.105003. Altitude: 2662m

It's Tiffs Tuesday! If you're not following @dumpling how can you celebrate?!

The world isn't ready for what Ice Bear can do.

Yes I ordered a lounging kilt, don't judge me!

another item for the #thingsofCOVID19 collection, a multipurpose object to push buttons, open doors, pull levers and even carry shopping bags! This one is not for sale, and its author Matteo Zallio released it as an Open Source / Creative Commons thing to 3D-print, adapt it and use it

#2296 "Sourdough Starter" 

Once the lockdown is over, let's all get together and swap starters!

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