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Hmm... a bit about me... I'm in my 20s, from the US West Coast but now live/work in the UK. I like to dance and also play some violin. People in my rl tend to think I'm super innocent, but I'm really a little bit of a slut... I love dirty talk, but am not looking for anything crossing over into rl from here.

Questions about me? Feel free to ask! :blobheartcat:

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NSFW, eye contact 

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Selfie, eye contact 

The local goat sanctuary posted this picture and its SO CUTE IM DYING

Brendan Fraser is a good egg and I hope good things happen for him.

CW for brief description of sexual assault.

Hi, I sometimes make labels for silly products for you to pick up and gawp at / steal in immersive theatre shows.

privacy, direct action 

I know I already posted last week about the guinea pigs whose owners went on vacation and then decided they didn't want them back because garbage humans, but...

Look at those "eyebrows"‼️

calzone is basically a big sock that is made of pizza
this post brought to you by butchering etymology

#2215 "Faculty:Student Ratio" 

When you're headed to a con in full cosplay but it's a normal day for everyone else.

Today my level of caring about work on a 0-100 scale is some negative number. :bloblamp:

One time someone demanded to know why I am wearing a mask.

I explained it's just what you wear when you're a superhero.

Kinda massively crushing on @polychrome right now because she's the cutest :blobheartcat:

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