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Hi, I'm Tiffany. To expand on my profile... I live in the UK but am originally from sunny California. My work revolves around and . I love and . In my free time, I'm and enjoy . I like and , and . I'm into , , and , and am sometimes a bit , but not without CW (and probably not here). I also love fluffy things.

hey you !
yea you !
you are beautiful !!!๐ŸŒน

*checks the clock* grr... My body is running five hours fast!

Which results of Eating Cookie does your state love the most?

Live your life as if Miyazaki wrote you

brand #new to switter and still trying to get my profile set up! xoxo

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Reach out today and tell a friend how much you love them, how much you've appreciated them being there for you. You'll give them reason to feel needed.

Remind them that you're there for them too. You'll help them remember this and help them get help when they need it.

Take the effort to push through your own resistance to doing so, if you have it. Build strong bonds and you'll find that resistance lower next time.

Please boost this pair of great tits, thanks


One guinea pig sized fleece bungalow with a dark blue rainbow unicorn pattern. Last seen en route to the wicker dirty laundry hamper.

Reward: chittering will stop!

Please bring all tips (and snacks) to Gus Gus

all smol mammals are good

especially hedgehogs and bunnies and squirrels

Question for FastMail users, if you have a personal website w/ the same address, do you also use them for DNS hosting?

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