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Hi, I'm Tiffany. To expand on my profile... I live in the UK but am originally from sunny California. My work revolves around and . I love and . In my free time, I'm and enjoy . I like and , and . I'm into , , and , and am sometimes a bit , but not without CW (and probably not here). I also love fluffy things.

Etat Libre d'Orange, which is notable for its edgy perfume names, has a new one called I Am Trash, and I'm just like... Wow, way to appeal to internet culture.

Though they should have put a possum or raccoon on the bottle.

Some scenes of the remnants of the Caledonian pine forest near Aviemore, on a lovely November day.

For your viewing pleasure, capibaras hiding from the rain. :blobcatheart:

Had to order a new phone number for Loa today, so he can easier apply for jobs. Luckily it's not too expensive. But if anyone want to pitch in $10 on our patreon it would help (and cover the cost).

I know it's branded as my patreon, but we both live off of it in reality.

Itโ€™s like the seasons wasnโ€™t quite ready yet for winter but itโ€™s just so beautiful to see all the fall colours amidst a blanket of white..

Folks, please #boost, this is a #California #wildfire #crisis: we need #N95 masks in #Oakland / #EastBay. Nearly everyone I know needs one, and everywhere is selling out.

Send me masks, and I will get them to people. I will literally walk down the street handing them out, because that's our life right now. Please help us breathe!

*not feeling work* :ablobowo:
*checks news* :blobastonished: :blobscream:
*works furiously* :blobsweats:

What the heck is an Anarchist Protected Area?!

This Deadpool to Detective Pikachu meme is kinda on point though

โ™ฒ @Schiwi (
#Brexit #Joke #Humor

these sheep are excessively cute, i wish to meet them one day

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