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The flap copy for the #ssh2e hardcover came to me in my sleep.

"For the *serious* sysadmin, who finds that slapping users with a paperback just isn't enough."

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« No instance of fandom petulance has ever been dunked on this hard by creators »

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Wenn jemand die Phrase "armes Deutschland" unironisch verwendet, ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, daß der Rest der Äußerung Unsinn ist.

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An alle Männer die sich in den Schilderungen wiederfinden: Ich schäme mich für euch ekelhafte Arschlöcher. Verkriecht euch in eure Höhlen.

Accidentally ended up on the YouTube app's "trending" screen. What a radioactive garbage fire.

Thor:Ragnarok was surprisingly good. Unlike the self-centered stupidity of the newer Avengers movies, this was a fun silly romp and a pretty good self-parody of superhero movies. Recommended.

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Anybody have a recommendation for a free (ideally FOSS), cross-platform program that can forward USB devices over the network? Something you tried and which is actually working? I'd like to plug my USB scanner into my home Linux server and use it on my Windows 10 desktop.