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When what seems like half the planet noped out of WhatsApp after its terms of service update, applications like Signal (which I highly recommend) saw an unprecedented increase in user traffic. Signal had so many new users sign up that it overwhelmed their existing infrastructure and lead to a 24-hour-ish outage. The small team responded impressively quickly, especially given that a 4,200% spike in new users was utterly implausible before it ocurred.

The downside of so…

From the first time I was exposed to their music watching MTV's Amp back in the 90s to today, I'm grateful for all the years of great #music

Thanks for the memories, #DaftPunk

You will always be a part of my life

Has anyone else watched the latest doco from , Can’t Get You Out Of My Head? I’m 4 episodes in and finding it very challenging. How are you finding it?

After being on holiday in situations with limited or expensive Internet connections I am so ever grateful to devs who build their sites properly.

Hi everyone! This is my first 'toot' or post as you will on this platform! I have no idea how to use it yet I'm still getting used to it but I'm excited to see how it goes!

Looking for an alternative? Try 😉 Check out this stunning mural that features my relation Michael Rogers, a vibrant member of the community.

Resisting identification: Instead of saying "I am Norwegian", say "I was born in Norway". Instead of saying "I am an artist", say "I make art". Paring down essentialism to one thing only: "I am".

Where’s the weird side of ? I’m looking for , , clothes stores, galleries, you know the vibe 😜

Thanks to all the contributors to the #Fediverse creating a decentralised network based on #FreeSoftware which I can also use today to say thank you on #ilovefs

Anyone else on ? Come hang! @drh

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

So this morning I accidentally dropped my 02 White on the hard kitchen floor 😢

We’ve had some good times, thanks for the fun 🙏

I've used a ton of blogging software over the years. The one thing that's given me very little pain: file-based storage, or more specifically, Markdown files. An appreciation post.:

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