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Happy to be kicking off the live festivities for #netlabelday at 0000NZ/1200 UTC with a live dj mix of dark electronics from control freak records.

I'll be simulcasting my set and as much of the overall event as possible at

there is a curated stream going so that the event hits every time zone with material from a ton of labels and live sets from around the world.

let's celebrate free culture, music, creative commons and the independent spirit

the home station for the all that is

hopefully some more of the #owncast and fedi radio community will be simulcasting as well.

check the #netlabelday hashtag for when the massive list of free downloads drops

#np #fediplay #cc #mastomusic #mastoart #music #radio #streaming

Enclose and Fill Tool
A feature made by Deif Lou and coming soon in Krita 5.1

You want the most powerful #synth there is? But in your browser?
I name #cardinal. In your browser! Yes another amazing deed from I'm amazed.
Cardinal is a completely #freesoftware version of the famous #vcvrack. It runs as a plugin or standalone, and since today, in the browser.

Just try it here:

And support Falktx work, any way you can

I love your Birbcam! I’m gonna show my two young girls. They’ll dig it for sure.

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery. RAID is Backup. SMS is 2FA. Ketchup is Vegetable.

Please join us and #GiveUpGitHub by visiting and while you are still on #GitHub, adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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Still looking for an alternative to #GiveUpGitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
Join a growing community of developers at #Codeberg today, the #OpenSource and community-maintained #Git-Hosting and #GitHub alternative! 💻

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Browsed my website for fun and I'm pretty proud of what's on there so far!

I'm DJing live on from Cuppo cafe in . Tune in now or Come on down for a coffee and toastie.

This seems like a pretty good idea from @Fairphone. Phone subscription that gets cheaper the longer you have it and has a system in-place to reuse parts and recycle what can't be reused!

#Fairphone #android

agitprop + dealing with spam 

problem: I get invited to Whatsapp crypto spam groups all the time 😔
opportunity: finally, an audience for my insufferable shit!

What are you up to this Saturday morning? Come hang with me and my friends at on Melville Road in . I’m gonna be mixing a live blend of and music.

For more deets visit:

AI artwork based on one of my recent landscape photography photos. What do you think of it? Should I make more? 🤓

#Artwork #AI #AIArt #Photo

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