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What's a solid domain name registrar for Australian domains? Low-cost would be great too.

How would one pronounce this Australian street name? Moule Street. 😊

I’ve had my running 1.7.1 for a couple weeks now and have been loving it. Simple, does the basics well, doesn’t firehose my data and looks great. Very happy indeed. Props to for the iOS love.

RT @JoshuaPotash
If you're seeing that Omicron is from South Africa, this might help.


I'm glad we we're here for each other through the pandemic.

I can't imagine a better bunch of people to become friends with over the past several years.

It's been strange, it's been fun, it's been good and bad.

One gravitational force.

A light in the void.

An island in a vortex.

And I can't wait for you to see what comes next.

Do you think should be available to buy in the supermarket in ?

Any Infini-iOS users out there that want to live dangerously? I've started an "edge" branch on TestFlight that I plan on pushing experimental builds to here and there.

DM me or reply and I'll shoot you the link!

We need to stop calling them "Web apps" and start calling them "Chrome apps" unless they actually work on non-megacorporation-beholden browsers.

Well, there it is: Block view-source, block save page, on track to be accepted in to Chrome.


Hey @koala_coder! Good luck on your 100 days of code! Be sure to check in with @JoshWComeau for some love. ✌️

Chcon 2021 is live NOW and streaming

This might be NZ's only in-person security conferences this year ... enjoy it while you can!

Hey @wakingup! I love the app and am a very regular user. Any chance we could get the timer back on the menu bar down the bottom? I use it all the time and now it’s an extra tap away and a little harder to navigate to. Keep up the rad!

Anyone in Melbourne or Australia own an EV or hybrid? We’re looking to buy one in January/February and are looking for advice. 🏎

Melbourne CBD 1 bed unit for rent 

1 bed unit in Melb CBD soon to be available.
Comes fully furnished (bed, couch, big screen tv, desk, table & chairs, fridge, washing machine, dryer, microwave, gas stove/electric oven).

Low-rise apartment block with pool, spa, sauna and gym.

Rent $320/week

No parking allocated, but parking complex opposite unit.

Best landlord. :awesome:

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