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What are the options for a tablet that isn’t iOS or Android? The Pinetabs are out of stock. Do I just get an Android Pixel something and chuck Graphene or Calyx on it?

Tiny mushrooms (ca. 2-3cm each) among the windy dunes of Spiekeroog island, East Frisia.
That super fine sand is murder on any photo equipment, so a very quick shoot and run. #MacroPhotography #sporespondence

@PINE64 is there an ETA on when the next shipment of might become available?

Hi @SiouxsieW, my bro is vaccine hesitant and is wanting some simple info on how long its been tested for and making sure its not going to cause him any issues. Keep up the rad!! Peace ✌️

OMG!! Teasers from have just been dropped and man it looks sweet!!



Hey yo! We’re moving to Melbourne next year and planning on buying a on arrival. Does anyone have any recommendations for sedans or online interest groups?

Loving the fresh install of on my lappy! Especially after trying out the tips and tricks from Pradeep Kumar @

What are peeps favourite on Debian/Ubuntu Linux?

Is anyone else losing track of the days of the week?

Dear World Wide Web,

This malarkey about being in the vaccination is boulderdash. After my injection I could barely get a 3G signal in the waiting area.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Hitchcock.

Hey @kev, I just read your review on Synology vs Nextcloud, nice work. Your experience with Nextcloud mirrors my experience last time I tried it. I was kinda hoping it was in a better space today. If you were to buy a new Synology box today what model would you get? I’m thinking a 2 bay jobbie with 2 or 3 2TB drives. With a 3 bay could you have 2 of them mirrored and 1 standalone say for media?

Tune into Twitch now for my boi Markj aka Mr DJing hot tunes and reviewing craft beer 😀

Just a periodic reminder: Microsoft's VSCode is not open source. No more than Google's Chrome is. Both are based on open source projects (Chromium and the unimaginatively-named VSCodium are open source) but include proprietary stuff like fonts, integrations, and telemetry. If a software app isn't entirely FOSS, it's entirely proprietary. If you're using VSCode or Chrome, you're not using open source.

Playback on loop, from to front and back agai.n. g.r..w in.t..l no.t...h..n...

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