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If there are any unlisted YouTube videos out there important to you which were made by others more than a few years ago, rip yourself a local copy before you automatically lose access next month.

Any simple guides on making an embedded respect rules? I’ve tried everything I can find via web searches with no luck so far. I’m trying to resize the logo on my music site if you’re interested in giving it a bash

Can’t believe I’m actually going to see a DJ tonight called . And I thought 2020 was weird. Check out his latest video!

Anyone have any experience with replacing a logic board on an ? I'm getting a "no service" error and is not willing to repair it due to me not being able to provide the original proof of purchase despite being covered by their repair program.

Everything else about the phone is fine and I was hoping to get another year out of it. It's almost 3 :ablobspin:

If I was to buy a phone from @thelightphone today, when might it arrive in New Zealand? 😊

Has anyone tried ? Looks like I need to buy a new phone after my last one died.

Any users out there? Why do you use it? What do you use it for? Is it your daily driver? I find exotic operating systems fascinating. 😊

Hey peeps, I've run my clients page through the Dev Tools, what are some other tools to ensure my web page is accessible? Anyone wanna break it for me? 😉

Does anyone have tips on how to do fallbacks for in ? I was just going to put the old way first followed by the new way i.e. margin-top: 1rem; margin-block-start: 1rem;. I was going to use @supports but that doesn't woek in .

I'll start; when I was in Melbourne in the early 2010s I worked with a super lovely yet cheeky chap named @SkillsyV2. He often used , the native language of and it made me feel very welcome. His lady grew up in and he knew the cultural significance of it. ✌️

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In light of the latest piece of so-called journalism from Australian on the state of relations share a positive story about someone you know from the opposite side of the ditch. 🥰

Pointed my camera at the sky last night.

Not something I usually do.

Lumix G9, 100-300mm verII @300mm (so 600 FF equiv), f/5.6, and 1 second.

Need faster glass or one of those tracking tripod things to do any better, my 2s shots aren’t as sharp but are the exposure I wanted.

Pretty happy I took advantage of the taste event though and did capture it 🙂

#photography #bloodmoon #moon #astrophotography

Who else is coming to D.A.N.C.E. with me in the morning to at ? I’d be in bed getting my dancing sleep already but I had to catch a flight up from 😜

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