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Smash Palace invited Pinacolada Soundsystem and me to play some sounds stylez. So to prepare for the festivities I played a live set from my garage.

This show covered , , , , , and .

Listen at

Figuring out the primary genre tag for your sets in suuuuuuuuuuuucks. 🥴

GoFundMe, please boost 💛 

Hi everyone, please could you boost this for me. Even £1 helps. Thank you 💛

Any Photos pro-users out there? My family friend has a 4th gen 16GB Mini and the Photos app is taking up all the storage. The "Optimise iPad Storage" setting does not seem to be working correctly. Halp!?!

After 8 years of not using my real name on Facebook or having a proper account I have had to compromise and rejoin 😥

Read my full post at:

Terraria developer cancels Google Stadia release after Youtube account ban that killed all of his Google services access.

Lookin’ for a d-floor tonight? Come to Cutting It Close @ Smash Palace, , !! Music starts at 8pm.

Hey @cassiecodes we gave you and your fantastic web work a shout out in our latest podcast episode 😉

After a ridiculous 2020 Josh and I finally get around to recording a casual chat about our year in review including , , , , , , , oh and that in .

When listening to radio shows or DJ sets do you prefer the show host / DJ talking or not talking?

I'm loving @ocenaudio! Are there any docs?

There will always be things to do... relax.

WhatsApp clarifies it’s not giving all your data to Facebook after surge in Signal and Telegram users
42 comments - The company is trying to contain fallout over a privacy policy update

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