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Source code for NZ COVID contact tracing app finally released publicly, under the GNU AGPL license:

This is good news, but I'm wondering why it took so long, and whether the code can be checked against the binaries on app stores, using Reproducible Builds tools.

#Aotearoa #nz #ContactTracing #COVID19 #ReproducibleBuilds

Has been been a particular article that has encouraged you to switch to ? I know what recent event is behind it, just interested to see what the tipping point has been.

So has anyone else in or had Summer drink disruptions due to the Great Gas Bottle Shortage of 2020/21?

Currently smashing Acid Worldwide by LO'99 on the Twitch stream. Jump in y'all!

I'm playing some tunes on my patio in the summer sun if you wanna hang?! Tune in on Twitch

Thanks for the sticker @cassiecodes! It’s nice to get mail from the other side of the world.

Just before I log out of socials for a couple days due to world events once again being... unprecedented; dear Americans I am so sorry for what is happening in your country right now. Whether you are Democrat, Republican or anywhere in between stay safe, be kind and kia kaha 💚🇳🇿

BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉)

A live recording of Markj and his exquisite Soundfood performance at Elements 2020; tonight from 20:00 NZDT on the Starlifter.TV show on

Hey @PodcastHelper, have you ever had any luck getting a mix minus working with an Allen & Heath ZEDi10 for interviews over Skype or Discord?

Does anyone have any simple tips for maintaining an environmentally friendly lawn in | ?

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