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This may have been a mistake lol 😅

The debut 7” from Na Noise “Open the door” b/w “Dance with me” just arrived on my doorstep. What a great way to start the day.

I've updated my latest post on I'm talking ye olde school web and from .

Paddy Gower got his “17 days to go” line in. Classic. Leaders Debate.

Thanks to the team at @pylo_craft for the amazing work on Sprig. The recipe from the cookbook was truly copy and paste.

Testing cross posting from to the dirty bird site 🤗

New Zealand's COVID response gets a case study report from Princeton University's "Innovations for Successful Societies" program. Case study by Blair Cameron.


Sunrise movement originally tweeted these out, but here are some places to donate, if you would like:

Breonna Taylor’a family’s GFM:

Louisville Bail Fund:

Kentucky Black Farmer Fund:

I’m not asking you to vote because it affects your life.

I’m asking you to vote because it affects the lives of those you love.

Can anyone recommend any great podcasts? I’m up-ing my skills yo!

I’m super bummed out on the latest round of layoffs. 😢 Is there anything we can do or is the writing on the wall? Do I need to start looking around for an alternative? What can peeps recommend on macOS, iOS and Linux?

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