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Day 2 of my nail biting to stress ball squeezing . I caught myself about to bite five time today. It's interesting to see what triggers it. I am packing for a holiday which is a task I find quite stressful. It's another successful days!

Thanks to @njan for today's support. ✌️

For more info on my challenge read:

Day 1 of my nail biting to stress ball squeezing . I managed to catch myself about to or actually bite my nails 4 times today. I then swiftly got out the stress ball and started squeezing. Today was a great start. Thanks to @esvrld for the support.

Also props to my friends at for the stress ball 🙏

Hey fediverse, after reading part of The Power Of Less by I’ve decided to use his technique to replace my nail biting habit with squeezing a stress ball. Each day my goal will be to squeeze a stress ball if I reach for or do bite my nails. Any encouragement or cheerleading is greatly appreciated 🙏Everyday I will post my progress here. See you tomorrow for day 1.

I’m in the market for a XDJ-RX2 or something similar if you know of anyone selling theirs. I’m based in .


Yeah, me too.

Shit objectively sucks right now.

You're not alone in feeling like this, and neither am I.

Let's all try to have each others' backs as needed.


What are your favourite blogs with an RSS feed?

My heart cries for all those suffering in the world right now. I wish I could give you all a big hug. 🙏

us pol, protests, donation links, :boost_ok:​ 

no stream tonight, i don't think it's something i want to do right now

if you're able to attend a protest, please do. please be as safe as you can and do your best to protect your identity and the identities of those around you. use water for teargas. if you're white, listen to the black folks around you rather than doing your own thing. this isn't about us

if you can't attend a protest but are able to spare some money, lookup your local bail fund and see if you can know anyone on the ground who could use some cash for supplies

here's a couple places i've donated to:


if you can't do either, it's understandable. just do your best to support your communities, specifically the black folks in your communities

and fuck every cop everywhere

So... from 8pm NZST tonight I will be broadcasting ! For discs 1 and 2 listen to For discs 3 and 4 listen to @theflaminglips

Anyone know of any open in today? I need to get me some hi-vis for cycling 🚴‍♂️

I am just about to storm the decks on www.8K.NZ for the Starlifter.TV Show! Tune in from 20:00 NZST for , , and other d-floor bangers!! 🎧

Can anyone recommend rad ? Perhaps or band tees? I'm in need of some new threads.

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