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What’s the best app for ? I splashed out on but it’s pretty buggy.

hey so!!! are you asking a specific question online and not getting any help?

make a second account and answer your own question incorrectly

people will be piling on to correct you with specific explanations within an hour

it works literally every time ive been doing it for years

What should I put into the MOTD of the DigitalOcean 1-click install image of Mastodon? (MOTD is the text displayed right after SSH login)

Never been prouder of my vicar than today.

<< Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

St. Mary the Virgin will be open to all faiths and none tomorrow, 10am to 12noon for individual solace, prayer and the lighting of candles following today's tragedy.

As I sit at home in prayer, with lighted candles, I feel a deep connection with our Muslim brothers and sisters. I have prayed alongside them in the Masjid Al Noor mosque and studied with one of their women members. >>

<< Friends, Morning (Friday) is Jummah, the weekly day of worship for our community of Muslim friends and loved ones. Be there for them. Check in. Perhaps extend a kind gesture at your local mosque. There is so much fear and hate. We must negate it with active, courageous love. >>

A workmate

<< So, I live down a long driveway with 2 neighbours effectively in front of us. In the 4+ years I have lived here, I have only said hello to 1 of them in passing and nothing to the other. Tomorrow, I am going to go and introduce myself and start to build a relationship with them... >>

Noticed a surge of activity on since the mobile UI updates!

it's time to pull out the complete discography by The Prodigy and play it from start to finish!

They influenced me immensely and the whole generation of breakbeat producers and rave-goers.

#TheProdigy #KeithFlint

I remember thrashing on the Music Room stereo at High School. Someone had it as a CD single. Thanks for all the good times and D-A-N-C-E music Keith. 🔥

I'd tell you which I am, but that would give away my age~ :blobkissheart:

... Oh god I'm old...!

A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

what kind of system specs does running matrix synapse need?

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