I’m looking for an alternative to for my simple app. Any suggestions?

@loke @veer66 how did you get on with this? I'm looking for something similar. I'm thinking about using for Identity. Where did you get your CouchDB hosted?

I'm sooo super psyched! Tune into the Starlifter.TV Show on from 20:00 NZDT tonight for the live recording of my DJ set at something-else.nz - It's my best set in years and traverses , , and . Enjoi!!

In my mind is called Bear Browser... I'm not sure why. Maybe the logo?

How boomers saw gen-x (in 1990): okay whiny I can concede, but penny loafers? rolfpotts.com/time-twentysomet

@adalbertsen1 excellent! I’m looking forward to it. Gonna make me some super duper apps!!! 🥳

@adalbertsen1 What's the link? I am also looking to get Svelty.

@dwardoric I haven't seen that for ages. That's totally worth a rewatch.

What’s on your sci-fi cyberpunk movie list?

@Ayior this is awesome! Reminds me of Another World on the

This is a WIP but knowing myself I have lost interest in it and will probably never finish it... Floyd and Vanta, the main characters from my comic in development, sharing a cozy evening~
#Art #Illustration #Mastoart #Comic #WIP

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