the US and the UK are just in a constant battle to see who can be the most dysfunctional

@nick @yojimbo Nah… PB Tech weren’t super helpful. They said they don’t stock them because there’s too much variation and they don’t wanna be held responsible for blown PSUs or GPUs. Where’s their sense of adventure.

@CobaltVelvet I just discovered FoodHouse through your Bandcamp account and I love them. Kinda like next gen MySpace sounding stuff.

Hello, Octodonners. It looks like Alice's patreon in support of our chosen instance has plateaued. Please do what you can to help our friendly neighborhood cyberpunk queen, @CobaltVelvet

Donating is grand; boosting this, even, will be helpful, to get the message around.

What are the best creative or musical games on these days?

@nick @yojimbo I had a wee play before on Horizons and it was fun. I’m slumming it on a GT 610 so I won’t be touching Odyssey. A friend gave me his old ASUS 9600 GT TOP which is older but slightly better. Unfortunately it seems I’ve chucked out all the spare cables that came with my power supply. Nooooooooo 😹

@yojimbo Thanks so much! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. Turns out my GPU has been put on backorder until October 😢. My current rig should handle it alright in the meantime.

Ko Māwharu te Hōngongoi

Kua hoki mātou i te karaehe te reo i te pō nei. Me whakaoti ahau i tāku aromatawai akuanei. Kāore ahau i te uapare tāku kuri. Kei te whāngai ahau i ngā heihei anake.

We returned to te reo Māori class tonight. I must finish my homework soon. I can not shift the blame to my dog. I only have chickens.

The Muppets skit Pigs in Space keep coming into my mind for some reason.

@specter I do! Huge HTML/CSS fan here. There’s not as many web dev cats on here as I’d like but it’ll grow with time.

I feel like I don't see web developers on fedi anybody use/maybe even enjoy #html #js or #css?

@yojimbo I'm looking at having a dabble with . Any tips for a n00b? I just upgraded my CPU, have a new GPU in the post and installed Windoe$. It also happens to be on this week...

@anke I’ve introduced my kids to Fraggle Rock and they love it. There’s also new mini-episodes on AppleTV+ that are pretty fun. I have plenty of proud Dad moments when I find them bumbling around the house singing the songs from the show.

@madskjeldgaard ocenaudio is great if you’re looking for a GUI; not sure if it’s open source or not.

Before you start your day, take a few moments to outline the 3 most important things you need to do.


I run a small studio and shop. I want to live on my own terms. Have trouble with authority.

Always looking for nice and interesting people to be part of a community with.


Little bit more:

What streaming platform in has ? I wanna turn some friends on to some

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