Hey @cassiecodes we gave you and your fantastic web work a shout out in our latest podcast episode 😉

After a ridiculous 2020 Josh and I finally get around to recording a casual chat about our year in review including , , , , , , , oh and that in .


When listening to radio shows or DJ sets do you prefer the show host / DJ talking or not talking?

I'm loving @ocenaudio! Are there any docs?

There will always be things to do... relax.

@ericireland I think this is the approach I'm gonna take. Last mow I just put the mower on it's highest setting and put the clippings on the part of the lawn that was bare. I figure if I do this the lawn has stronger roots but still has an element of tidiness to keep wife and extended family happy. People are funny about lawns huh 😊

@kandid That Is so cool! I'd love to do what you have done but I don't think my wife would dig it. 😅

WhatsApp clarifies it’s not giving all your data to Facebook after surge in Signal and Telegram users
42 comments - The company is trying to contain fallout over a privacy policy update theverge.com/2021/1/12/2222679

Source code for NZ COVID contact tracing app finally released publicly, under the GNU AGPL license:

This is good news, but I'm wondering why it took so long, and whether the code can be checked against the binaries on app stores, using Reproducible Builds tools.

#Aotearoa #nz #ContactTracing #COVID19 #ReproducibleBuilds

Has been been a particular article that has encouraged you to switch to ? I know what recent event is behind it, just interested to see what the tipping point has been.

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