i just realized that every coast of antarctica is its northern coast. lol

Don't be fooled: Google's latest announcement on third-party cookies doesn't mean it will stop tracking you. We’ve built a new site to tell you whether or not you are a test subject in Google’s latest tracking experiment: amifloced.org/

Come check out Hamish Kilgour and the Flaming Bridges as well as a couple cats spin vinyl from 18:00 NZST tonight!! Hopefully I’ll even get on the decks 😉


@cassidyjames nothing wrong with a good old reliable SM58. 🤘

If you’re up for some tunes right now it’s me and my friend Tim Beard’s latest set at on www.8k.nz 🙉

Have any peeps been having issues with lately? ain't working for me as well as a client's hosting provider.

Since sending out passwords to people still happens to be a daily duty of people out there, it might be worth too look into "Bitwarden Send":


They basically extended their password safe with a functionality to share text as well as files using their platform in a reasonable secure fashion.

#Bitwarden #BitwardenSend #infosec

Proud techie moment!! I finally got my parents setup with the password manager. Ka mau te wehi Mum and Dad.

Listen to the wind, the rain, the sound of a crackling fire. IRL if you can and with an app if you can't.

very simple timezone converter for announcements to the global internets about events:


@EverythingSandyCheeksSays you should totally record yourself speaking for your first toot 😊

revision consistently makes me hopeful because like, there's so many people attending and they all love computer art and it's just so happifying

:amiga:​ I'm in! #Tron

Emotion 1.9 with new video card acceleration from A-EON Enhancer Pack 2.0 running on my X5000.

Fullscreen works nicely too.

#Amiga #AmigaNG #AmigaOS4

Wallabag is a FOSS privacy-friendly alternative to Pocket, it lets you save articles for reading later. You can follow at:

➡️ @wallabag

The official website is at wallabag.org

There are apps for smartphones (iOS, Android), web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and eReaders (Kobo, Kindle, PocketBook).

You can self-host the article storage system free, or use the paid flagship instance at wallabag.it

#Wallabag #Pocket #Alternatives #Articles #FOSS #SelfHosting #Apps

Who remembers “Poke” on social media? What platform used to do it and when did it stop being a thing? I’ve been watching some old stand-up from Bill Bailey and he was making fun of it 😆

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