Do you think should be available to buy in the supermarket in ?

In “light” of the recent electricity brownouts in recently are there any geeks out there? I wanna get started .

What streaming platform in has ? I wanna turn some friends on to some

I'll start; when I was in Melbourne in the early 2010s I worked with a super lovely yet cheeky chap named @SkillsyV2. He often used , the native language of and it made me feel very welcome. His lady grew up in and he knew the cultural significance of it. ✌️

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@lightweight Any suggestions for securely sharing files with govt departments? Hosted in NZ or ?

Anyone know of any open in today? I need to get me some hi-vis for cycling 🚴‍♂️

Can anyone recommend rad ? Perhaps or band tees? I'm in need of some new threads.

My good friend Mike had his green and gold Nissan Safari truck stolen last night in , license plate YL7021. If you come across it please call the police on 105 or visit 🙏

time! I just launched the Starlifter.Dev Podcast, from an interstellar perspective. In episode 1 we talk about , , and . Come get your geek on! ✌️

Kick back as your digital homey saves the world with smart drugs and electronic music one pixel at a time. The Starlifter.TV Show with Dr Hitchcock streaming live from dodgy right now on

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Where's the best place in to buy a rugged and long lasting backpack for a 3 year old preschooler? I'm over crap that lasts 6 months.

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