In light of the latest piece of so-called journalism from Australian on the state of relations share a positive story about someone you know from the opposite side of the ditch. 🥰

A photo of the Patea River taken from the bridge behind the TSB Pool in , , | , Taranaki, .

The media regularly has stories here in that we are in the middle of a crisis. Does anyone have any insight as to what we can do on a individual basis to fix the problem?

I can commit a couple hours a week during school hours to help and am based in .

Where’s the weird side of ? I’m looking for , , clothes stores, galleries, you know the vibe 😜

Does anyone have any simple tips for maintaining an environmentally friendly lawn in | ?

Who are some of the best developers in , ? Brooke Lord aka @Brooke_NZ from @PlatoCreative is an absolute boss. Her attention to pixels is impressive! 🕸

I’m in the market for a XDJ-RX2 or something similar if you know of anyone selling theirs. I’m based in .

Can anyone recommend rad ? Perhaps or band tees? I'm in need of some new threads.

time! I just launched the Starlifter.Dev Podcast, from an interstellar perspective. In episode 1 we talk about , , and . Come get your geek on! ✌️

Can anyone recommend a great family in ? It’s my folks 40th wedding anniversary 👰🏼🤵🏻

We're looking for someone to pick up our little one from preschool 3 times a week in ? Any personal recommendations? Email me for details

Woop! Woop! 8K.NZ is once again a finalist for "Best Online Radio Station" in the Online Radio Awards . This is the third year in a row and we're sure it'll be third time lucky. Dig our sound? Then give us your vote 👍

Who's watching the new this weekend! Anyone in ? If so, how are you watching it?

I just learnt that the Crux or Southern Cross on the flag is not only shared with but also , and . I guess we are all one under the bright night sky.


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