I’m in the market for a XDJ-RX2 or something similar if you know of anyone selling theirs. I’m based in .

Anyone know of any open in today? I need to get me some hi-vis for cycling 🚴‍♂️

The latest episode of my podcast the Starlifter.Dev Show is out now! In it I chat with my good friend Jamie Hamilton, Creative Director at MetaDigital.co.nz about making CD-ROMs, what's changed in the web scene over the years and how 2020 is shaping up.


My good friend Mike had his green and gold Nissan Safari truck stolen last night in , license plate YL7021. If you come across it please call the police on 105 or visit 105.police.govt.nz 🙏

What's the best deal I can get in ? I'm wanting speeds of 200/20. can do it for $90. Can anyone top that?

time! I just launched the Starlifter.Dev Podcast, from an interstellar perspective. In episode 1 we talk about , , and . Come get your geek on! ✌️


Thanks for all the work on the Heathcote Expressway cycle route City Council 👍

Hey , I’m making a cameo playing records down at , at 2pm today if you’re looking for some fun. m.facebook.com/events/36389202 (apologies for the FB event link)

🐧 Just sorted my ticket for ! It's coming to my adopted home town of so I didn't really have an excuse. Jump in and get an early bird ticket before Oct 31 linux.conf.au

Does anyone know any special code words for buying tickets to the event in ?

Where's the cheapest all day in near during office hours? I think I'm gonna use .

Where is the best place in to view the opposition of tonight? Somewhere near and beyond the city smoke and light would be good. 🔭

🎉 Woah! It's 8K.NZ's 2nd Birthday Party this Saturday @ in downtown !! Who's coming?? facebook.com/events/2213419585

We're looking for someone to pick up our little one from preschool 3 times a week in ? Any personal recommendations? Email me for details drh@str.nz.

Woop! Woop! 8K.NZ is once again a finalist for "Best Online Radio Station" in the Online Radio Awards . This is the third year in a row and we're sure it'll be third time lucky. Dig our sound? Then give us your vote 👍mora.fm/nominee/8knz/

Where's the best place in to buy a rugged and long lasting backpack for a 3 year old preschooler? I'm over crap that lasts 6 months.

I'm laying wax with my good friend Missy G @ Galaxy Records today from 13:00 for . Come get your groove on! @NewZealand

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