Here’s a fantastic review of the recently released/leaked demo material of ’s I might have to download it and give it a listen.

Thanks for all the work on the Heathcote Expressway cycle route City Council 👍

Hey , I’m making a cameo playing records down at , at 2pm today if you’re looking for some fun. (apologies for the FB event link)

So apparently this phone number does reach The White House. I just had a conservation with a terse woman not interested in speaking with someone who found the number for the White House in an old copy of the . You rock !

We're on the decks! Come down to in now for a kids DJ set, coffee, bagels and donuts! More deets here:

Going mad looking after the kids this school holidays? Come down to in on Thursday for kids 45s, coffee, bagels and donuts! More deets here:

Check out the rad new profile image I made with the "Unreal Webcam Fun" tutorial on the course from .

Woop! Woop! 8K.NZ is once again a finalist for "Best Online Radio Station" in the Online Radio Awards . This is the third year in a row and we're sure it'll be third time lucky. Dig our sound? Then give us your vote 👍

Kick back as your digital homey saves the world with smart drugs and electronic music one pixel at a time. The Starlifter.TV Show with Dr Hitchcock streaming live from dodgy right now on

Previous episodes:

La Luna in the Southern Hemisphere, . My first rookie attempt at .

I'm laying wax with my good friend Missy G @ Galaxy Records today from 13:00 for . Come get your groove on! @NewZealand

Nominations for Mixcloud's 2018 Online Radio Awards are open. Go nominate your favourite station and shows... that's 8K.NZ, right? ;p

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