My latest song “Dark Lorde 8888” is now live on Bandcamp, Spotify and many more and to celebrate I've just recorded the official release radio show! Tune in for #303 #808 and music!!

After 25 years of DJing I've finally released my first song "Dark Lorde 8888"! Buy your very own copy of what is sure to become a modern classic 😉

What are you up to this Saturday morning? Come hang with me and my friends at on Melville Road in . I’m gonna be mixing a live blend of and music.

For more deets visit:

So I've taken the brave step of posting a to the . This is the latest version of my song Turtleneck. I've been playing around with the and I recently just bought a . It's been super fun!! I'm not sure if this is the final version; probably not.

What are your thoughts? Is there anything you think I could improve or keep working on?

Peace ✌️

Welcome all new party peeps moving over from aka aka . May your stay be a fun, freaky and friendly one ✌️🤘

I go by the name of Dr Hitchcock. I , , , , , and music. I also and and recently I’ve started down the black hole of making my own music.

Here’s my latest synth, the .

Pop peace song in support of Ukraine 

Kia ora!

In these mad crazy times what else can you do but make a happy wee song that tries to bring people together.

We ask all to help the people in and of Ukraine anyway they can:

Aroha nui,
DJ Daisy & Dr Hitchcock.

Freakin’ woohoo! Ka pai on the indigenous place names too!!
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🖌 @jq.wan

I’m moving to Melbourne, VIC from Christchurch, NZ tomorrow!! I am sooo psyched! It’ll be my third time living there but this time my love and I will have 2 kiddlewinks in tow. Sure is gonna be a different experience.

Look out ✌️

I’ve had my running 1.7.1 for a couple weeks now and have been loving it. Simple, does the basics well, doesn’t firehose my data and looks great. Very happy indeed. Props to for the iOS love.

Over 6500 kiwi doctors (including my amazing wife) signed an open letter in support of getting vaccinated to fight ! If you haven’t had one yet why not go out and make extra duper super!!

The first Friday of the month is almost upon us and Cup of Joe and Jam is back after a covid related hiatus. Come hang, have a hot cup of joe and enjoy the rad vibes down at .

Oh yeah, come try Jazz's world famous cheese scones 😜

I’m jamming tunes at Prima Cafe and Roastery until noon. Sundae Painters 7” ain’t far away…

Can I get a Blue tick while You’re there?
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I am now in a position to hand out CyberRating™s to deserving entities.

Our little ole radio station 8K.NZ is turning 5! To celebrate we're throwing a party along with the crew from Leather Jacket Records at tonight. Rock up from 20:00 - $10 on the door.

The June edition of my Cup of Joe and Jam set, broadcasted live from , is streaming now on

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