Over 6500 kiwi doctors (including my amazing wife) signed an open letter in support of getting vaccinated to fight ! If you haven’t had one yet why not go out and make extra duper super!!


The first Friday of the month is almost upon us and Cup of Joe and Jam is back after a covid related hiatus. Come hang, have a hot cup of joe and enjoy the rad vibes down at .

Oh yeah, come try Jazz's world famous cheese scones 😜

I’m jamming tunes at Prima Cafe and Roastery until noon. Sundae Painters 7” ain’t far away…

Can I get a Blue tick while You’re there?
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I am now in a position to hand out CyberRating™s to deserving entities.

Our little ole radio station 8K.NZ is turning 5! To celebrate we're throwing a party along with the crew from Leather Jacket Records at tonight. Rock up from 20:00 - $10 on the door.

The June edition of my Cup of Joe and Jam set, broadcasted live from , is streaming now on www.8k.nz

Any simple guides on making an embedded respect rules? I’ve tried everything I can find via web searches with no luck so far. I’m trying to resize the logo on my music site if you’re interested in giving it a bash www.starlifterradio.com

Who else is coming to D.A.N.C.E. with me in the morning to at ? I’d be in bed getting my dancing sleep already but I had to catch a flight up from 😜


To celebrate I'm playing my music compilation "This is NOT the Christchurch Sound - Vol. 1" (2007) on www.8k.nz. Tune in for some vibes 😜

To hear it again check it out on mixcloud.com/starlifterradio/t

I’m playing tunes at Prima Roastery for the next 90 minutes… come hang! www.primaroastery.co.nz

A photo of the Patea River taken from the bridge behind the TSB Pool in , , | , Taranaki, .

Thanks so much to everyone at 8k.nz for being such rad cats! It's out 5th birthday in July, such an achievement! Real 24/7 on the smell of an oily rag and 100% funded by the hosts and listeners. Here's to another 50 years!!

My latest DJ set "Cup of Joe and Jam" recorded live at Prima Roastery and Cafe is now live.

Listen in at share.transistor.fm/s/a20e9e10

This set had a very vibe, as well as some , , , along with a few tributes to Daft Punk.

Come on down to Prima Roastery for a and one of Jazz's amazing Cheese and Onion scones this Friday morning. I'll will be playing my special blend of tunes to complement your morning break.

See you there ✌️

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