👋 I’ve got a friend here in Melbourne
looking to spend around $1k on a new laptop to run . Any suggestions? I haven’t bought a new lappy for a while; what’s the easiest to install it on these days?

@drh are they really set on new? That'd buy you a nice used ThinkPad.

If it's got to be new, all you can really do is see what fits the budget and search for reports on people trying it I think. At sub-$1000 you're square into budget laptop territory. A used higher-end machine might do much better.

@mike thanks for the advice Mike. Where might be a good place to look for a decent used ThinkPad?

@drh @mike My daily driver at home is a Thinkpad running Ubuntu which I got new online from Lenovo for about $1000 around 5 years ago now

@benbyrne @drh I had a quick look at the current lineup and nothing around that price point looked very inspiring. The IdeaPad line is a bit ... meh.

Personally I just rely on eBay for this kind of thing. My current laptop is a 2017 ThinkPad that I bought cheap because it had trackpad and keyboard problems. I replaced both of those myself though, because that's me.

Runs Debian like a champ though.

@mike @drh Yeah, mine is nothing flash - 14inch with only basic dedicated graphics, and plastic, but it's held up well and does everything I need it to

@benbyrne @drh oh I'm sure it does the job, the point I think I was planning to get to is that that end of Lenovo's product line is basically the same as everyone else's and while business-targeted ThinkPads usually have good Linux compatibility, you're back to rolling dice at that point.

Oh just generally though if you ever see one on the market, do NOT buy a used T490. Total lemon of a laptop. Run away. 😁

@mike @benbyrne @drh
I wonder if there is something equivalent to (NZ)
you get at least some guarantee that they work...

Sent from my Thinkpad E14 bought new for about AUD1150

@drh My last few computers have been Lenovo, from super cheap to middling. There stuff is never awe inspiring, but everything has been bog standard with drivers readily available. The newest did require a few extra steps thanks to M$, but once we got to booting from the thumb drive, it was exactly the same as it always has been.
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