Anyone here in the Fedi have a -03? and making ? I just bought one and I’m looking for other like minded peeps. There doesn’t seem to be many other peeps online talking them or writing tutorials. #303

@incal ha ha, yeah! But also Acid House and Acid Techno.

@drh I bought one a few years ago, though haven’t done much with it.

@acb even the new method of programming it is a little tricky compared to modern devices. Although I figured out today that if I blank a pattern I can just control it via midi from my Novation Circuit Tracks; essentially giving you access to the sound without having to deal with its interface. Then just use the knobs on it to control the sound live.

@drh I don't have a TB-03, but I do enjoy making acid sounds with my Volca Bass

@tfb fun!! Do you have any of your tunes online?

@drh I don't have much of anything online. I'd been tagging along to live shows with a friend pre-pandemic, and had put out some tapes a long time ago. I do want to record more and get it online this year. I started a bit on a project recasting traditional Irish dance music tunes; here's a work in progress

Family stuff and my Irish Trad group mean I don't have a ton of time for it, but I'm hoping to get a ‘Céilí House’ EP out this year

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