Hey yo! We’re looking for recommendations for , Australia. Who’s your favourite? Looking for at least 100MB/s down and up with unlimited data.

@drh We're on iiNet fibre to the house. Good speeds and uptime but I'm sure you could get cheaper.

@benbyrne iiNet are on par with the rest. What's the word on Exetel? I've heard good things.

@drh My only recent experience is iiNet. @mike and @hugh any thoughts?

@benbyrne @drh @hugh iiNet went to hell after TPG took over and all their talented staff left. Same with Internode. Generally OK until the day you need support, then it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Aussie Broadband has been good to me so far, no complaints there.

@mike @benbyrne @drh My wifi has been dropping out for a week and I'm still awaiting a reply to my email of 6 days ago so ...I concur with Mike.

I hear excellent things about Superloop, but I'm a cheapskate and didn't know any better.

@mike @benbyrne @drh @hugh agree with @mike, I've been with internode for many years and you now get zero support. My IPv6 vanished about six months ago, they can't fix it, tell me "it should work" then close the ticket

@ajft @mike @benbyrne @hugh

I've had another friend recommend Aussie Broadband so I just applied with them. $129 per month for 250/25 unlimited data. Quite a jump in price from here in NZ. We get 300/100 unlimited data for $79 NZD per month.

@ajft @mike @benbyrne @hugh

This is awesome! Thanks so much . I love Mastodon so much. Such a solid community.

@ajft @mike @benbyrne @drh @hugh Sadly, I agree. Been an Internode customer for 20 years or so, and support is pretty woeful these days. It suffered a bit when iiNet bought them, but really went to hell under TPG.

I hear good things about Aussie Broadband from people who can get it (my experience is all adsl, since our NBN "service" is satellite).

@dadegroot @ajft @mike @benbyrne @hugh

While I've got an audience 😉 what routers can peeps reccomend for a FTTP connection? I'm thinking a budget of around $300. I'm bringing a Fritzbox 7490 over with me but it might be nice to upgrade. 👨🏼‍🎤

@drh @ajft @mike @benbyrne @hugh FritzBoxen are nice devices (using a much older 7272 here for the ADSL), but I've just ordered a Synology RT2600ac for the NBN link (since my previous Billion died yesterday). Can't give a proper review of it yet, but on paper (and internet reviews) it looks very capable.

@ajft @benbyrne @drh @hugh while seeming to be perpetually in beta, Aussie Broadband IPv6 has been quite solid for me. Can't recall the last time I had to even think about it.

In fact, last time I had weird issues it turned out I'd lost IPv4 and only had 6.

@mike @benbyrne @drh @hugh Huge seconding for Aussie Broadband here, they're excellent.

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