@yojimbo I'm looking at having a dabble with . Any tips for a n00b? I just upgraded my CPU, have a new GPU in the post and installed Windoe$. It also happens to be on this week...

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@drh "Don't Panic" is the first tip 🙂
Do the training missions, don't worry if you fail the more complex combat ones, because "run away" is a totally valid tatic.
Play in Open mode until you leave the starting set of systems, then ... given your timezone, Open is generally safe, but for more populated TZs I'd recommend being in Solo for a while. There are hostile human players hanging out in popular locations looking to make your life miserable.
Check our resources for more help ...

@drh The general method of getting money (which is always a useful resource) is to choose a home base somewhere, doesn't really matter where to begin with. Make it somewhere that's close to the main star so you don't go mad in supercruise going home 🙂

Then take missions from any of the factions in there, preferably simple things like data deliveries; and take the reward that brings the maximum Reputation - as your Rep increases, that faction will offer you more valuable missions.
Keep coming back to the same base to help the reputation building process.

@yojimbo Thanks so much! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. Turns out my GPU has been put on backorder until October 😢. My current rig should handle it alright in the meantime.

@drh I have an old GTX 970, it's plenty good enough for ED Horizons, although I'd be careful before approaching Odyssey, which is currently "non-optimised" and will kill most machines' performance. Don't run Odyssey content yet ...

@yojimbo agreed. I have the added issue of running ED via WINE on Linux. Odyssey absolutely kills my GTX 970, and drags it to it's knees. @drh

@nick @yojimbo I had a wee play before on Horizons and it was fun. I’m slumming it on a GT 610 so I won’t be touching Odyssey. A friend gave me his old ASUS 9600 GT TOP which is older but slightly better. Unfortunately it seems I’ve chucked out all the spare cables that came with my power supply. Nooooooooo 😹

@drh I think you can get replacement modular cables from PBTech. Not sure of the pricing though. 🤔 @yojimbo

@nick @yojimbo Nah… PB Tech weren’t super helpful. They said they don’t stock them because there’s too much variation and they don’t wanna be held responsible for blown PSUs or GPUs. Where’s their sense of adventure.

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