Does anyone have any simple tips for maintaining an environmentally friendly lawn in | ?

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@drh don't mow it :) - for a large part of our yard (we moved into this new house a year ago), we're working on a meadow rather than a lawn. Letting the grass grow and planting wildflowers. Considering an apiary... We've planted lots of native shrubs and ground covering plants to push out some other parts of the lawn. We've got skinks in the yard (we've encouraged them by putting boards down to create hiding places - have 5+ now). Yeah, big mown lawns are dead zones.

Sounds good @lightweight but I guess I wanna find a compromise between big and wild and a little tidy yet environment enhancing.

@drh I think the problem is that mowing and environmental enhancement are kinda mutually exclusive (depending, perhaps, on your definition of an enhanced environment). We mow a few portions of our yard, have got native ground-covering and shrubs in another portion, and have built a fence around the "meadow" portion of the yard :)

@drh Plant fruit trees. The shade from them keeps the grass from growing. (Also, free food.)

@drh Mow often but not too short. Don’t throw grass clippings away, let them lie around to increase soil organic matter. That’s my theory, but I don’t have a lawn; only concrete. 😕

@ericireland I think this is the approach I'm gonna take. Last mow I just put the mower on it's highest setting and put the clippings on the part of the lawn that was bare. I figure if I do this the lawn has stronger roots but still has an element of tidiness to keep wife and extended family happy. People are funny about lawns huh 😊

@drh It took 5 years here in Germany to go from a lawn to a meadow:

What i did:
* Mowing most of the area only once a year.

* Remove all mowed material from the lawn. It needs to be as low in nutrients as possible.

* Use autochtoon seed if possible.

* Collect seeds from meadows to replant them here.

@kandid That Is so cool! I'd love to do what you have done but I don't think my wife would dig it. 😅

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