@xenon what’s your studio setup for writing tracks? I’m looking at getting a for melodies and other fun.

@drh i use a cheap 32 key midiplus controller, which isn't very good, but it was less than $50 and helped me out a lot coming from just using the piano roll alone

i take some samples and recordings using my blue snowball. i got a mic arm for it about a year ago i think?

i'm checking out the monologue and it looks really nice. i'd love to get into analog synths sometime, i just don't have synth money

@xenon what’s the sound quality like on the Blue Snowball? They’ve always interested me.

@drh it's pretty good! especially for being around $50

it's got a similar quality to the blue yeti, but the snowball definitely has a noticeably less clean and smooth sound. the stand on the snowball is /really/ /really/ low and easily knocked over, so even picking up a cheap arm would be better (which is what i ended up doing). it looks like it's the same with the yeti too

i haven't really used a lot of mics just because the snowball has held up to my usage for years now

@drh also i've noticed it loves to pick up table vibrations. mic arm or not

@xenon if I end up getting one I’ll let you know how I go 😊

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