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Who’s had a play with and ? I’m about to dive in. Wanna come along for the ride? 🦄

what kind of system specs does running matrix synapse need?

If anyone in #Finland is planning a #Pixelfed instance, here is your chance! admin available with possibility of domain owner change if wanted.!XTcFGXYoSwwJPindt

Working on some new vue components tonight.

The story compose UI has been one of the most challenging features so far, breaking it up into vue components has made it easier though. #pixeldev

v0.8.0 will be a big release.

Some highlights:

- It will be the biggest UI update (not including MicroUI) since August.
- Improved federation support
- S3/Wasabi/Spaces/Minio support
- MicroUI (beta, full release expected in v1.0)
- Stories (beta, full release expected in v1.0)

What forums do people use to get help with their development issues? I’ve got a tricky layout I’m trying to solve with Foundation, and . I assume is the most likely place. 🤓

Somebody told me about linux today so I’m burning an install disk.

Not sure how this is supposed to work but it sure is pretty 😍

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#DoctorWho if you’ve felt the last few episodes were meh. I can assure you the New Years one is fucking amazing.

Dalek single-handedly shuts down the UK's internet monitoring and surveillance systems. Hailed as a champion of liberty.


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