results come out at 2pm today 🎷🥬

Is anyone else having issues with laggy animations on on an ? 📱

Random thoughts on seeing the RIAA DMCA takedown of youtube-dl:

Maybe the culture that has been locked off from history behind paywalls needs to just die off. Let it all rot away.

More helpfully, what are the barriers, speedbumps, or frictions that are in the way of replacing paywall-content-culture with a viable alternative for supporting content creators? Is it technical? Social-awareness? Political-regulatory?

Non-rhetorical question: What can I do to facilitate that alternative coming into being? I don't know much about this space at all.

Kinda proud of my pure html5/css keyboard with display: grid

#css #html #retro

I got a 67% knowledge score on this year's survey! Take the survey here:

👉 Your curated weekly Design and Front-End resources:
- tools to find and name colors
- AI experiment
- SVG patterns
- CSS variables, full bleed layout & media-queries
- a virtual drum machine
- a place to find UX volunteer work
- some hotpink inspiration

Imagine getting freed from the matrix at a young age and then being stuck with whatever shitty hacker name you came up with when you were 13.

Reminder for a Thursday: This week has been flying by. Need to remember to appreciate each moment as it happens and not to chase some arbitrary ideal moment.

Who are some of the best developers in , ? Brooke Lord aka @Brooke_NZ from @PlatoCreative is an absolute boss. Her attention to pixels is impressive! 🕸

#Animations #Demo

Some fun animations.
Strangely this is also the worse menu I have ever seen on a website: you need to scroll and stop the scrolling on the right item. It's next to impossible with my trackpad. Why?

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Yesterday, in a functioning democracy. I voted. No lines, no fuss. No intimidation. No voter roll purging. No ID required. No voter intimidation. No insecure voting machine. No "hanging chad". It took three minutes. I was offered a pen and hand sanitizer before & after.

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Dear, ProudBoys.
I was born male.
I now call myself female.
And there’s nothing you can do about it.
You’re welcome.

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My husband and I just celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary!

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