"an undisclosed quantity of fries"

New Zealand police arrest pair trying to enter Auckland with ‘large amount’ of KFC | New Zealand | The Guardian

anyway we're moving at 800,000 mph with respect to the background radiation of the universe. i hadn't known you could use the background radiation from the big bang as a reference point but you can and that's amazing too me

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your command line software should accept both unmount and umount because I can never remember which accepts which

Manyverse – A social network off the grid

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Woohoo! Pfizer/BioNTech jab number 2 mothertruckers! FTW!! 💪💉🦠🩹

What are the options for a tablet that isn’t iOS or Android? The Pinetabs are out of stock. Do I just get an Android Pixel something and chuck Graphene or Calyx on it?

Tiny mushrooms (ca. 2-3cm each) among the windy dunes of Spiekeroog island, East Frisia.
That super fine sand is murder on any photo equipment, so a very quick shoot and run. #MacroPhotography #sporespondence

@PINE64 is there an ETA on when the next shipment of might become available?

Hi @SiouxsieW, my bro is vaccine hesitant and is wanting some simple info on how long its been tested for and making sure its not going to cause him any issues. Keep up the rad!! Peace ✌️

OMG!! Teasers from have just been dropped and man it looks sweet!!



Hey yo! We’re moving to Melbourne next year and planning on buying a on arrival. Does anyone have any recommendations for sedans or online interest groups?

Loving the fresh install of on my lappy! Especially after trying out the tips and tricks from Pradeep Kumar @ linuxtechi.com/things-after-in

What are peeps favourite on Debian/Ubuntu Linux?

Is anyone else losing track of the days of the week?

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