Who else is having existential meltdowns these days? Tune into stream.starlifter.tv/ for discussion?! #owncast #life #ugh

Sooo I've finally got my stack sorted and I am now streaming video and audio live right now! Tune in for some fun tunes and witty banter. #owncast #acid #techno #rock #psychedelic
Video: stream.starlifter.tv/
Audio: starlifter.fm/

woohoo, we have a release 🥳

master_me is a mastering plugin for live streaming, podcasts and internet radio stations.

free & open source :rainbow_heart:


I have been developing this for the last 6 months and with the help of many contributors, it's finally ready. Can't believe how much I learned...

Thanks to @falktx @magnetophon @x42 @jkbd the faust community

#faust #dpf #audio #plugin #foss #stream #podcast #radio #mastering #prototypefund

Been working on my own #PineTime watchface, loosely based on the Terminal watchface

Still WIP as heck, will move a lot of the values next to icons and so on

Today I presented my paper On Cultivating The Installable Base at Participatory Design Conference (#PDC22).

In it, I argue that existing F/LOSS alternatives (such as Mastodon) are important resources when it comes to participatory work with groups looking to organize their own digital infrastructure, as it allows them to practically start inquiring in the nature of those alternatives and start thinking from there. However, to even consider them for such a process, the quality of those alternatives needs to be sufficient. So if PD wants to bring about computational alternatives, improving the quality of existing F/LOSS applications in concrete and material ways should be an important research outcome.

Full paper here:

Can anyone recommend a mastodon instance focused on production? I’m going down a radical music making rabbit hole at the mo.

recently saw the announcement that cybre.space is retiring.

where's the best instance for nerds that will appreciate #chiptune, #demoscene, #museum, #retrogaming, and #retrocomputing stuff?

oh and the occasional weird drink, food, skyshot, or ramble.

My latest song “Dark Lorde 8888” is now live on Bandcamp, Spotify and many more and to celebrate I've just recorded the official release radio show! Tune in for #303 #808 and music!!


On Saturday, 8/27 at 2:00 p.m. Alison Macrina is leading a workshop called "How to Search for Reproductive Health Info Without Being Tracked." We aren't doing registration, so mark your calendar!

Yo #Fedi folk,

What #Mastodon instance would you recommend to your mom? It's not for my mom, but for friends that aren't really the target demographic for @fosstodon (which I love).

Looking for something reasonably large (>9999 members), but family friendly, that blocks all the fringe political junk and NSFW.

#AskFedi #Fediverse #AskFediverse

In Japan, traffic stops for schoolgirl. Schoolgirl thanks traffic as only the Japanese can..

Follow Friday anyone. Just follow more people. Interact with new people. Expand your fedi horizons. Maybe they'll turn out to be assholes, maybe they'll turn out to be friends. Who knows

abortion, buffer zones petition 

Please join me in signing this petition to introduce buffer zones around Scottish abortion clinics

It’s a small but vital step in tackling the intimidation by anti-choice activists that people who access this health service currently face


TikTok influencers: Melburnians are “Naarmies” and their street fashion is “Naarmcore”
Wurundjeri/Boonwurrung people: please stop abc.net.au/news/2022-08-09/naa

After 25 years of DJing I've finally released my first song "Dark Lorde 8888"! Buy your very own copy of what is sure to become a modern classic 😉

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