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When trying to install using or run the install command with "fin exec php ./craft install/craft" or from within the container.

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Who’s had a play with and ? I’m about to dive in. Wanna come along for the ride? 🦄

Tonights Starlifter.TV on features "slightly dirty rock" from the collection of James O'Sullivan, an old friend and former "Indie Show" host on

Listen in from 20:00 NZST for , The Gordons, , Sisters of Mercy and The Fall.

Mallard babysits for legislator's 'VIP' newborn, attracts international attention.… #NewZealand #AsiaPacific

time! I just launched the Starlifter.Dev Podcast, from an interstellar perspective. In episode 1 we talk about , , and . Come get your geek on! ✌️

I just received an email saying that my computer had been hacked, that someone has intimate videos of me using a porn site 😂️ then tried to blackmail me into giving them bitcoin. This is called . If it ever happens to you just follow the guidelines here:

Reading about that beekeeper in Turkey who couldn’t keep the bears out of his hives so he set up a taste test to see which honey the bears preferred. I love the internet.

What and alternative do peeps use? seems pretty legit?

Oh my god - Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is still about (back? updated?), and is no longer a Flash app!

I spent a stupid amount of time exploring this back in the dark times of the early 2000s.

"Metadata leakage" sounds like the kind of psychotropic noohazard one would expect in a NERV installation under Tokyo-3. Probably every time an EVA gets brought into the shop for repairs.


Trans Lifeline (a very good organization that I can personally vouch for) is looking to hire a full-time remote volunteer coordinator for their microgrants program. $17+/hr w/full benefits. Can be worked from anywhere.

This is an administrative position focused on recruiting, managing and training volunteers. What they're asking for is any community organizing experience. If you need work, apply!!

Felt like doing a drawing of the Mastodon mascot to welcome all the new users!

#Mastodon #MastoArt #Welcome

Can anyone recommend a great family in ? It’s my folks 40th wedding anniversary 👰🏼🤵🏻

If you want to have your own #PixelFed instance but don't want to do any of the technical stuff, there's a managed hosting service you can use called #Spacebear:

You can follow Spacebear on here:


(They also provide #PeerTube instances.)

#Instagram #Alternatives

Only enable when runs in production otherwise all the unused utility classes from get removed from your code 😅

season 3 is like really really really really really really really really dark Goonies.

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