Personal sites are like digital gardens with their own flora and fauna, tended with love and care, ever-growing and lush. These places usually have bridges to other gardens that have their own diverse ecosystems.

I used to love following links and ending up in beautiful, unique gardens.

Now those bridges are gone, and gardening has been outsourced...

Monocultures suck.

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Mastodon daily privacy tip: if you block the mods, they can’t see your toots. #bitcoin #anime #privacy

I have an art buying problem.. but I want to buy some more art.

Recommend me local Australian artists to check out.

I rarely have reason to use the laptop security slot for an actual security chain...

I wonder if anyone has tried to make laptop charms that lock into that slot like cell phone charms 🤔

"It's important that you use accurate information, otherwise you will not be able to verify your information?"

Saves fake birthday with associated account email and password

When what seems like half the planet noped out of WhatsApp after its terms of service update, applications like Signal (which I highly recommend) saw an unprecedented increase in user traffic. Signal had so many new users sign up that it overwhelmed their existing infrastructure and lead to a 24-hour-ish outage. The small team responded impressively quickly, especially given that a 4,200% spike in new users was utterly implausible before it ocurred.

The downside of so…

From the first time I was exposed to their music watching MTV's Amp back in the 90s to today, I'm grateful for all the years of great #music

Thanks for the memories, #DaftPunk

You will always be a part of my life

Has anyone else watched the latest doco from , Can’t Get You Out Of My Head? I’m 4 episodes in and finding it very challenging. How are you finding it?

After being on holiday in situations with limited or expensive Internet connections I am so ever grateful to devs who build their sites properly.

Hi everyone! This is my first 'toot' or post as you will on this platform! I have no idea how to use it yet I'm still getting used to it but I'm excited to see how it goes!

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