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The latest episode of my podcast the Starlifter.Dev Show is out now! In it I chat with my good friend Jamie Hamilton, Creative Director at about making CD-ROMs, what's changed in the web scene over the years and how 2020 is shaping up.

I am rocking out on the radio at 20:00 NZST time if you're up for cutesie , 60s , , and a cover.

The Starlifter.TV Show on Just what you need when you're not quite sure what you need.


Is this age of increased video calls what can people recommend? I dock my MBP and it's a pain in the butt to constantly pull it out to use the internal cam.

Do you need some time off social media? If you need permission, here it is. We will still be here tomorrow 😊

Reiterating an earlier offer to folks in NZ (and overseas as well): before you slide further into the digital oblivion of MS Teams and Zoom, consider using open tools. Here in NZ, you can have pro bono access right now to chat - and video conferencing - - both just require a modern browser, no software install. Easy peasy. All data & the services are onshore in NZ, thanks to sponsored hosting from !!

Wanna use Winamp again to listen to your fav MP3s?

You can download Webamp desktop here :

And then you can use this Hackers skin!

Hack the planet!

Star Wars - Anime Opening 5 (Sequel Trilogy Arc) | "Rewrite" - Asian Kun...

I've just uploaded my latest radio show dedicated to Timmy Dodgers, former show host of Guitar Media, a radio show that aired on RDU 98.5FM from the early 2000s to 2010. He died late last week and we're all gonna miss him so dearly.

On this almost entirely vinyl show I feature Aussie garage , , , as well as a double helping of .

RIP Timmy Dodgers.

So... I'm live on-air right now doing a special show in memory of my old friend Timmy Dodgers, formerly of Guitar Media on , who died late last week. Tune in for good tunes, good memories and plenty of love.

What services are peeps using for receiving tips for web projects? I'm trialling and . I'll probably jump on and too for regular payments.

Can anyone recommend a mainstream friendly, alternative to or ? I’ve tried in the past but the peeps I was using it with had usability issues. I’m looking for a lighter, more constructive discussion to the one on

Hot website of the day:

Shout out to Vapour for the amazing work on the Villiage Underground site.

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