Pals of mine are doing a Kickstarter for a comic about living with, and through, every apocalypse ever. Pledge if you can, retoot if you want!

I absolutely love that people can put spoilers and political stuff, to say nothing of sensitive content, behind a simple "show more" button. For one thing, it means control over whether to read or not is in the hands of the reader, but it also keeps the timeline nice and streamlined.

Besides, politics in particular can get overwhelming.

Actually, mastodon is the name of the software. You're thinking of "Mastodon's monster"

another srs post here, wont be long:

we are happy there are more folks here but FYI newbies, Mastodon's community was founded by gays, trans folx, POC, furries. Not only do we take no BS from Nazis, we won't have you ruining this place for us.

YOU ADJUST TO US. Mic drop 🎤

jesus tom, you've had an account for ten minutes and you're already cynically snarking.


1. "mastodon" is a piece of software that runs on a server. There's a lot of servers that run it & u can follow ppl on other servers.

2. When u follow someone from another server, your server receives their toots.

3. The federated TL is all public toots that the server receives, ie all of the toots from everyone that ppl on your server follow.

4. ERGO: if u want to see more toots in the fed TL, follow + get other ppl on your server to follow ppl from other servers!


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more