Hello to everyone climbing aboard the Tootbus this morning

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Here I made an anti-NFT! No blockchain is needed, because it belongs to everyone. Yes, even you, it's yours! Feel free to boost, screenshot, or right click & save! <3

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Feli: Why is it called a fly?
Me: Well, because it flies.
Feli: Okay but why is a horse called a horse and not a "walk" or something then?

From Middle English horse, hors, from Old English hors (“horse”), from Proto-West Germanic *hors, *hross, from Proto-Germanic *hrussą (“horse”), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱr̥sós (“horse”), from Proto-Indo-European *ḱers- (“to run”).

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I'm tired of rebellion and independence as moral ends in and of themselves, and I want media that concerns itself with the *outcomes* of movements, not just their formal structure. Anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers are rebellious independents fighting a centralized, state-backed public health system. That doesn't mean we should see measles outbreaks as heroic victories.

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It continues to surprise me that "gender-critical" means, like, "gender is binary and bound to sex", and not "wow gender is a complex and many-faceted thing, let us explore and reflect on it in depth"



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The ideal pride parade has one float. On it is one ambiguously gendered cop, holding a sign that says “I have never fucked.”

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HTML shitpost 

Standards proposal - HTML6. It's just HTML5, but all body elements except for div are deprecated because nobody wants to remember the difference between block and inline tags and because spans are garbage. Style a div for everything

Pros - Already recognized by modern browsers. Reflects current practice

Cons - Already recognized by modern browsers. Reflects current practice


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