Today is DAY 30 of NO FACEBOOK. In my calendar I labeled it 'Facebook Freedom Day' - because 30 days ago I deleted my Facebook account and have not logged in to any Facebook or FB Messenger service since.

That is all.

uspol shitpost 

@djsundog Biden. More calm and entertaining.

just culled who I follow. Bulk of unfollows were inactive accounts. Rest were mainly Linux-heads, as I'm no longer using that platform. I feel leaner! Pantera was never my thing, but I did see a *really* early show in TX. Later got hooked on King's X. *much* later found out Dug Pinnick used to groove and record w/ DimeBag.

@djsundog I just got a vision of all the LDS, JW and any other evangelical missionary organization -- sitting there, feeling useless, lonely, antsy, blaming the virus on Satan's minions...

. I do what I want. This currently includes:


owner (RPi2B)

I am:

(after four decades of fundamentalist christianity)

in learning

Fan/Supporter of:


@craigmaloney Reason # 1,459 for why to - meetings like this single-handedly spawned the entire Dilbert juggernaut.

And now, a couple of hours early, Day 31 of - an idea sketch for next week’s tattoo with Varuna Tattoo in San Miguel - something like this maybe?

From another Jalisco bathroom. An example of how to properly urinate. Caption: “Orine feliz, orine contento pero por favor orine dentro”

Brought to you by the wonderful bathroom sign creators of Jalisco, Mexico!

Just booked an appointment with for next week! - so thought I would use one of their designs for today’s drawing

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Catching up for some missed days, now have drawn 25 images for - today’s images brought to you by Flight 893 DAL > GDL

Since I missed a day, hey, why not. I’ll just draw this coat rack...or, maybe just a bit more...

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